Real Metal detector (Gold finder)


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Real Metal Detector is a mobile application which detects the presence of metal key or stud screwdrivers stainless needle wires materials iron gold detector and other metel nearby by measuring the magnetic field value. This metal detector useful tool uses the magnetic sensor in mobile device and shows magnetic field level. The magnetic field level in nature is about 49μT(micro tesla) or 490mG(milli gauss); 1μT = 10mG. When any metal (steel, iron) is near, magnetic field level will increase.Metal Finder I`oro allows to identify any metal objects like stud, key silver spoon in area, because all metalico generate magnetic field which strength can be measured with this metol utilities tools.The application detects metals and gold by detecting any magnetic field around the phone with betal matal finder medal detector android app. The greater boosts gold 金探測器 or iron finder ctx magnetic field value, the stronger the metal will be max30. If the magnetic field increase a certain limit, the dequitor de metal application will notify you through an alarm and vibration . In addition, you can also modify the settings for the alarm limit. This is best gold detector scanner app for android.You might use the metal stud finder it to find electrical wires in wall scanner (like a stud finder), iron pipes detector metal slug trésor on the ground or pretend it a ghost detector or ghost sensor and scare someone! A lot of ghost hunters had downloaded this mobile app, and they had experimented as a ghost detector. The accuracy of metalico metel detector specs tool depends entirely on the sensor or bug detector in your android mobile phone. Please, note that due to electromagnetic waves, the tesla meter detect metal magnetic sensor is affected by electronic equipment.Metol finder can’t detect silver spoon, gold or money and coins make with copper material. They are metaux classified as non-ferrous propane leak detector that has no magnetical field. But you will find digital mandi metal box around the corner with some treasure hoard digitalform indoor! Try this useful metol detector tool and other betal apps from AHSTUDIO Utilities range!This can also use as key finder tool.Detect hidden electrical wires and metal objects in walls.Works perform batter on ferromagnetic materials like metel,iron, steel, nickel and cobalt etc.Detact metel objectc signals at a series of upto 30cm.A top metal detector or money detector app that gives result in digital form.Another thing is some metal pro detector or key locator experts claims metal detector key tracker can also be used to detect ghosts. So you can become a ghost hunter with the help of this amazing tool.Some security people also use is it as body scanner metal detector.Beep quickly on detection of any Metal object or tesla elektroauto and electromagnetic signal.User friendly interface so very easy to use.Live static graph of teslameter reading is make it more easy to read and interesting. Attention! Not every model of android or smartphone has a metel detector magnetic field sensor in mobile. If your smartphone does not have stud or matel detector sensor, the magnetic detector app will not work. It is also use for EMF meter. Sorry for this inconvenience.

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