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该应用程序会告诉用户他们的接近,在公园不同的游乐设施。这个应用程序还提供了每个活动的更多详细信息。具体细节的吸引力是有线与实时谷歌地图(见下面的按钮)的特殊吸引力,给予明确的方向。如果您正在排队等待乘车,应用程序会给你所有的离您最近的其他游乐设施,从分类最接近最远的附近。异形的景点距离两个公园(冒险乐园和环球影城的群岛)。此外,各大酒店都异形所以可以找到酒店的具体活动地点和餐馆在城市漫步等景点被描述为好。异形景点包括:哈利·波特,侏罗纪公园,蜘蛛侠,一鱼,两条鱼,doom医生的Fearfall,我船,橄榄,龙挑战赛,海神之怒,达德利执行 - 右的粗齿锯瀑布,蓝人组,终结者的神奇冒险的魔法世界2 3-D,奥兰多环球影城的恐怖化妆展,木乃伊复仇,Fievel的乐土,通用的Cinemactic壮观,埃默里尔的奥兰多,AMC环球影城20与IMAX,骷髅岛:香港王朝,啄木鸟伍迪的Nuthouse杯垫,辛普森童车,黑衣人外来攻击,恐惧因素直播,ET冒险,Dispicable我,史莱克4-D,变形金刚:骑乘3D,大力水手和Bluto的舱底鼠驳船,异形度假村包括:Hard Rock酒店,洛伊斯皇家太平洋度假村在奥兰多环球影城,洛伊斯蓝宝石瀑布度假村,卡巴纳湾海滩度假村,洛伊斯柏涛湾,餐馆异形:海牛寿司,玛格丽塔维尔,星巴克,融合小酒馆寿司,新天地的后起之秀,阿甘虾公司,埃默里尔的Tchoup盖章,神话,棕榈,比奇意大利餐厅,隆巴德的海鲜烧烤,硬石餐厅奥兰多,Antojitos正宗的墨西哥菜,鲍勃·马利 - 进贡对自由,NBC体育烧烤和啤酒,体内意大利厨房,名人堂,三把扫帚的新天地热狗厅,你可以在这里购买门票的公园没有弹出窗口,无广告,无共享位置或登记。只是GPS功能的指导在世界上访问量最大的公园之一。 The application will tell users that their proximity, different rides in the park. This application also provides more detailed information about each event. Attractive details are wired with real-time Google Maps (see button below) special attraction, give clear direction.If you are waiting in line drive, the application will give you all the neighborhood closest to you other rides, from the category closest to farthest.The distance between the two profiled attractions Park (Adventure Park and Universal Studios Islands). In addition, major hotels are shaped so you can find the hotel's location specific activities and restaurants in the city walks and other attractions are described as well.Alien attractions include:Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, a fish, two fish, doom doctor Fearfall, my boat, olives, Dragon Challenge, angry Poseidon, Dudley perform - right Ripsaw Falls , blue man group, Terminator magic magical adventure world 2 3-D, universal Orlando horror make-up show, revenge of the mummy, Fievel's paradise, general Cinemactic spectacular, Emeril's Orlando, AMC universal Studios 20 and IMAX, skull Island: Hong Kong dynasty, Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse coaster, Simpson stroller, Men in black alien attack, fear factor live, ET Adventure, Dispicable me, Shrek 4-D, Transformers: ride 3D, Popeye and Bluto's bilge rat bargesAlien resort include: Hard Rock Hotel, Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando, Loews sapphire Waterfalls Resort, Cabana Bay Beach Resort, Loy Sibai Saisons,Restaurants Alien: Manatee sushi, Margaritaville, Starbucks, sushi fusion bistro, a rising star in the new world, Gump Shrimp Company, Emeril's Tchoup stamp, mythological, Palm, Beach Italian restaurant, Lombard seafood grill, hard rock Cafe in Orlando, Antojitos authentic Mexican cuisine, Bob Marley - tribute to freedom, NBC Sports barbecue and beer, the body of Italian kitchen, hall of Fame, three new world of hot dogs hall broom, You can buy tickets at the park hereNo pop-ups, no ads, no shared location or registration. Just visit one of the GPS-enabled guide the largest parks in the world.

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