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将棋の定跡 中飛車

Kazuya Maeda

Platform: Android
App ID: com.kifoo.chosoku
Price: Free
Category: Board
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    将棋の戦法のひとつ、中飛車の定跡をまとめたアプリです。中飛車とはその名の通り、盤の中心である5筋に飛車を振る戦型です。従来は受け指向の振り飛車とされていましたが、近年ではゴキゲン中飛車や先手中飛車など、角道を止めずに積極的に動く中飛車が開発されており、振り飛車の代表戦法として人気のある戦型です。本アプリでは近年流行したゴキゲン中飛車、従来型のツノ銀中飛車、急戦調の矢倉中飛車、駒落ち将棋のヒラメ中飛車、奇襲模様の原始中飛車や端角中飛車など、幅広く取り扱っています。各手順に関しては下記の書籍を参考にさせて頂きました。・羽生善治十九世名人著「羽生の頭脳3 急戦、中飛車・三間飛車破り」・杉本昌隆七段著「対振り革命 中飛車左穴熊」・豊島将之七段著「豊島将之の定跡研究」・菅井竜也七段著「菅井ノート 先手編」・中村太地六段著「速攻!ゴキゲン中飛車破り」・金井恒太六段著「対急戦矢倉必勝ガイド」・村田顕弘五段著「最新戦法マル秘定跡ファイル」本アプリはオフラインでも使用することが可能です。One of the tactics of the Japanese chess, is an app that summarizes the opening book of the mid-rook.The medium-rook as its name suggests, is Senkei shake the rook to 5 muscle, which is the center of the board.Past, had been the receiving-oriented pretend rook, etc. In recent years, good mood in the rook and the first move in the rook is a rook in moving aggressively without stopping the corner road been developed, popular as a representative tactics of pretend rook It is certain Senkei.In good mood in this application was popular in recent years rook, conventional horn silver in the rook, multicolorfin rainbowfish tone of Yagura in the rook, frame dropping Shogi of flounder in the rook, such as primitive in the rook and end in the angle rook of surprise pattern, we handle a wide range of .We were allowed to book the following reference is for each procedure.- Yoshiharu Habu nineteen II virtuoso al., "Brain 3 multicolorfin rainbowfish, medium-rook-Mima rook breaking Hanyu"Masataka Sugimoto seven-stage al., "Versus pretend revolution in rook left badger"· Masayuki Toshima seven-stage al., "Opening book study of Masayuki Toshima"- Tatsuya Sugai seven-stage al., "Sugai note first move Edition"Nakamura Taiji 6th dan al., "Haste! In good mood rook-breaking"Kanai HisashiFutoshi 6th dan al., "Versus multicolorfin rainbowfish Yagura victory Guide"Murata AkiraHiroshi Godan al., "The latest tactics secret opening book file"This app is can also be used offline.

    Publisher: Kazuya Maeda

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    Released November 06, 2016

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