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Platform: Android
App ID: com.mfw.tripnote
Price: Free
Category: Travel & Local
App is no longer available in the app store
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游记是最珍贵的记忆资产! 蚂蜂窝用手机模拟一个旅行灵感收集器; 告别这个时代的浮躁,回归自然; 向那些用纸笔记录的年代致敬,并开启蚂蜂窝游记的新纪元! 旅行趣闻,结伴故事,偶得的诗句,统统记录到这里! 她的名字也洗去了所有浮华,叫【游记】。 ※ 游记撰写太枯燥?提供多种主题模版,多种滤镜效果,彻底颠覆你的撰写体验!※ 内容陈旧不更新?蚂蜂窝旅行家倾情奉献,每天浏览最hot游记,还你一个多彩的世界! ※ 应用复杂不易懂?页面清新简洁,操作步步引导,功能精简强大,扁平化风格等你来体验!※ 环境封闭没互动?创意的交互方式,强大的消息中心,随时随地同步蜂友新鲜事,一键分享新浪微博! ※ 流量不足不敢用?支持全程离线编辑,Wi-Fi下发布和更新游记,不耗用任何网络流量! ※ 帐号混乱难管理?蚂蜂窝帐号直接注册登录,同时支持新浪微博帐号,新老用户都方便! 记录那些途中的时光~ 随时随地写游记,抓住旅途中的每一个精彩瞬间! 轻松发布照片,分享足迹,让写游记变得简单、快乐。 Travels is the most precious memories assets!Ant cellular phone to simulate a trip inspired by the collector;Bid farewell to the era of impetuous, return to nature;To those who pay tribute to the era of using pen and paper, and open a new era of ant cellular Travels!Travel anecdotes, stories together, even in the verse, all recorded here!Her name also wash away all the glitz, called [travel].※ travel writing too boring? Offers a variety of theme templates, a variety of filter effects to overturn your writing experience!※ outdated content is not updated? Ant cellular traveler Decent, browse the most hot daily travels, but also you a colorful world!※ Application complex not understand? Page fresh and simple, the operation step by step guide, features streamline powerful, flat style, waiting for you to experience!※ Ambient occlusion did not interact? Creative interaction, powerful message center, anywhere synchronization bee friendly novelty, a key share Sina microblogging!※ insufficient flow dare to use? Supports full offline editing, Wi-Fi and updates released under the travel, do not consume any network traffic!※ Account chaos difficult to manage? Sign ant cellular account directly, while supporting the Sina Weibo account, old and new users are convenient!Record those moments the way ~Write travel anywhere, to seize every journey a wonderful moment!Easily publish your photos, share footprint, allowing easy travel writing, happy.


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