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他,是心狠手辣、冷若冰霜的男配,她,是腹黑任性、意氣風發的女配。配角之間又會擦出怎樣的火花?唯一一款擁有同名小說《最佳女配》正版版權的放置類RPG大作,全球同步上線!東方浪漫唯美畫風,精美的人物形象,給你帶來視覺上的盛宴!別具匠心的關卡設計,萌系書童的永久陪伴,24小時不間斷升級,是一款沒電也可以玩的遊戲!---遊戲背景---隨著科技的日新月異,科學家可以把人類靈魂送入小說世界,語琪作為黑科技的體驗者,必須帶著任務穿越在不同的小說中,扮演書中與自己同名的女配。在一次進入《魔宮》後,她與現世失去了聯繫,劇情逐漸脫軌……現在你將以體驗者身份進入《魔宮》世界,拯救女配命運的任務由你來完成!---遊戲玩法---掛機戰鬥:持續自動打怪升級,全自動的戰鬥模式解放玩家的雙手,不需太多操作,PVE、PVP、組隊、BOSS戰應有盡有。原書劇情:與關卡綁定的原書劇情,擊殺關卡首領不斷解鎖新劇情,體驗原汁原味的書中故事。 多人互動:強大的交互功能,可以供玩家進行群體活動、虛擬交友、多人副本、書童派遣等互動。 豐富玩法:通過任務關卡、攻打世界BOSS、進階武師、熔煉強化裝備等方式提升實力,感受輕鬆變強的體驗。 ---遊戲特色---1. 無需操作的掛機戰鬥採用掛機戰鬥模式減少操作難度,輕鬆遊戲享受超多玩法。逐步提升難度的關卡搭配精心設計的劇情,華麗的戰鬥特效,輕鬆獲取高額經驗與稀有道具,讓你百玩不倦。2. 三大職業與養成系統各具特色的三大職業,超多技能任意搭配,創新裝備養成玩法,通過熔煉、打造、融合、吞噬、傳承,打造屬於你的神兵利器。3. 萌系書童的永久陪伴與書童互動,自帶配音與豐富表情的書童為你展現80多種不同對話內容。 可通過派遣書童獲得神秘獎勵,提升書童之間的親密度,根據自己的喜愛打扮書童,讓Q萌的書童永久陪伴在身邊。4.快樂交友可邊玩邊聊為了玩家之間的自由交友,準備了眾多聊天頻道,可在戰鬥途中邊玩邊聊,暢所欲言,遇到志氣相投的玩家進入私人頻道,聊到天亮。傳送器已啟動,協助女配語琪,為她和高顏值反派男配的愛情搭上彩橋吧!He is ruthless, frosty male match,She is the belly black willful, spirited woman with.How will spark clashes between the supporting role?Only one has a "best female with" genuine copyright placement class RPG masterpiece novel of the same name, global synchronization on the line!Oriental aesthetic style romantic, beautiful characters, to bring you a visual feast!Level design ingenuity, permanently accompany Meng Department nunnery, a 24-hour upgrade is a no electricity can also play the game!Game background --- ---As technology advances, scientists can put the human soul into the world novel, language Qi technology experience as a black person, with a mission must pass through in different novels, plays with his book of the same name with the woman. After one into the "enchanted", she lost contact with this world, the story gradually derail ...... Now you will experience the identity into the "enchanted" world, the fate of the rescue mission with women done by you!---Gameplay---Hang fighting: Continuous automatic Daguai upgrade automatic combat mode liberation of the player's hands, without too many operations, PVE, PVP, team, BOSS fight everything.The original book plot: the plot points of the original book binding, kill points leader continues to unlock new story to experience authentic story in the book.Multiplayer interactive: powerful interactive features, can be used by players to group activities, virtual friends, more than a copy, send and other interactive nunnery.Rich play: through the task level, against the world BOSS, advanced martial, smelting and other ways to strengthen the equipment to enhance the strength, become strong feeling relaxed experience.Game Features --- ---1. do not need to hang up fighting operationUsing hook battle mode to reduce the difficulty of the operation, over more easily enjoy the game play. Gradually increase the difficulty level with a well-designed plot, gorgeous fighting effects, easy access to high experience and rare props, let you play one hundred tireless.2. Three career and develop systemsThree distinctive career, ultra any combination of multi-skilled, innovative play equipment to develop, through melting, build, integration, swallow, heritage, to create your own magic weapon.3. Meng Department nunnery permanent companionshipNunnery and interactive, and expressive dubbing comes nunnery to show you 80 different conversations. Can be obtained by sending nunnery mystery bonus, enhance intimacy between nunnery, according to their own favorite dress nunnery, let Q Meng nunnery permanently accompany the side.4. Happy friends can play while you chatIn order to free dating between players, prepare a large number of chat channels, you can while playing in the fighting en route chatted freely, meet like-minded ambition of private players into the channel, and talk until dawn.Transmitter has been started to help women with language Qi, Cai bridge to catch it for her villain male and high color value with love!

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