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Talking Moai Lottery:Draw Lots

Straw Kevin

Platform: Android
App ID: com.woojung.voicelottery
Price: Free
Category: Entertainment
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    ◎ Draw straws or lots without typing.◎ Simple 3 steps: Record > Mix > Choose.It's up to your imagination how to use this simple tool, and some of my imaginations are in the video above.----------------------------------------Moai (a stone statue on Easter Island) plays the role of straw.You can save a voice message into each Moai and make it repeat the message later simply by tapping the Moai.----------------------------------------Talking Moai Lottery can be used at a casual get-together or at a sleepover to make it more fun.You can do various activities such as truth or dare, collecting money, or picking one winner or loser.▶ Main Features* Say it, don’t type it.* A simple touch and drag interface.* More fun and exciting than flipping a coin, rolling a dice, spinning the wheel (wheel of fortune) or spinning the bottle, etc.* Varied. - Seven Backgrounds▶ 7 Backgrounds* Background_01 - Record prizes or penalties, mix them, and let your friends pick one.* Background_02 - It's similar to Background_01, but you can call out a letter instead of indicating a Moai you want to pick.* Background_03 - Record the names of the participants, mix them repeatedly until one of them lands on the ‘Winner’ cell.* Background_04 - This is similar to Background_03, but it's for deciding a loser.* Background_05 - Record the names of the participants, mix them, and find out who pays what. You can use this background to raise money for a noble cause like a late night pizza.* Background_06 - This is similar to Background_05, but the stakes are bigger.* Background_07 - Record the question you want an answer to, press the mix button, and see where it lands. You can record multiple questions at a time. Warning: This is for fun. Do not make life-changing decisions using this app. :-)▶ Manual Each Moai will listen to you, and repeat what you told it later.1. To create a new Moai and start recording, tap an empty space. Speak into your mic. Record whatever you want such as 'winner', 'loser', 'dish-washing duty', 'cleaning duty', and so on.2. To stop recording, tap the blinking Moai.3. To make a Moai talk, tap a front-facing Moai. After talking, its mouth stays open. Close it by tapping the Moai.4. You can move Moais around by dragging or pressing the mix button.5. After you've saved your messages in the Moais, mix them and let your friends pick one to reveal their message. 6-1. To remove a Moai, drag it to the edge of the screen.6-2. To remove all the Moais, press the clear button.* Shake your device to change the background image.* You can record the names of the participants in other backgrounds.* You can record a question like 'Does she love me?' in the yes-no background.* The maximum number of Moais is 9.* Voice recording and playing can't be done simultaneously.* Once a Moai is removed, there is no way to revive it. But, you can create a new Moai with the same message.▶ Notice* On some devices, there can be a delay of a second or two between the moment you tap an empty space and the moment the actual recording starts. In this case, you have to wait a second or two before recording your message.* On devices with more than 7' screen, the size of Moai and the buttons on the top are relatively small.* If your mic is not working, this app won't work. In this case, use other text-based apps instead, such as spin the wheel (wheel of fortune) or spin the bottle.[Tag] draw lots, draw straws, truth or dare, sleepover, slumber, pajama party, spin the bottle, wheel of fortune, spin the wheel, Moai, Easter Island heads, Easter Island statues, voice lottery, Amidakuji, voice recording, drawing lots, drawing straws, tell you what, voice draw, talking Moai

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