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English Sentence Structure


Platform: Android
App ID: com.writingskills.improveenglishwriting
Price: Free
Category: Education
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    Writing skills are usually the most difficult skills to acquire in a language. This is particularly true in a foreign language. The goal of this app is to reduce that difficulty as it guides you through the various types of structures in the English language and illustrates how those structures combine to make sentences. Naturally, in order to acquire writing skills you have to write. Therefore, you will be provided with an abundance of writing exercises. Some will require a small variation in a given sentence. Others will provide you with a series of words that you form into an appropriate sentence. And you will have plenty of opportunity for coming up with original sentences of your own. This development of writing better English sentences moves gradually and with careful explanation from the least complex activity to the most complex.Make changes to given sentences. Combine a series of words as a sentence. Write original sentences. In addition to the illustrations of how structures combine to form sentences and to the exercises for practice, an Answer Key is provided at the end of the app. It includes not only the correct answers for the exercises but also sample sentences, with which you can compare your original sentences. Good sentence writing is not an impossible task, but it requires analysis and practice and a willingness to apply concepts and rules consistently. Let this app guide you, and you will discover a new confidence for writing more successfully in English. Have fun and write well!This app includes: Declarative sentences and word orderDeclarative sentencesIncomplete & Complete ActionsRecognizing tense from contextTypes of complementsPlacing emphasized elements firstUsing negativesInterrogative sentencesInterrogative sentencesYes-No questions, Auxiliaries, Do/did questionsProgressive-form questionsQuestions using interrogative wordsQuestions and answersQuestions about all the information in a sentenceQuestions about specific parts of a sentenceImperativesCoordinating and correlative conjunctionCoordinating conjunctionsCorrelative conjunctionsSubordinating conjunctions and conjunctive adverbsPronounsPersonal pronounsRelative pronounsDemonstrative pronounsReflexive pronounsIndefinite pronounsReciprocal & Reciprocal pronounsPrepositionsPrepositionsCompound prepositionsUsing ofAmong & between, To & out, Into, onto, uponAdjectival and adverbial prepositional phrasesPronouns in prepositional phrasesUsing adjectivesUsing adverbsPresent and past participlesPresent participlesPast participlesAdverbs and participlesUsing infinitivesUsing gerundsUsing gerundsGerunds versus present participlesPossessive constructionsPrepositions with gerundsInfinitives and gerundsIdiomsParts of speech used in idiomsSpecial words and phrasesShort responses and interjectionsShort responsesInterjectionsAntonyms and contrastsStrong contrastsPrefixes and suffixesThe passive voice and the subjunctive moodThe passive voice and past participlesThe subjunctive mood Phrasal verbs

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