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Make a baby guard from your handy.The VoiceGuard is an easily handleable useful monitor to observe the calm dream of a sleeping child.It runs on a free network, it does not use internet, sms, voice call, but it connects directly the transmitter and the receiver with the help of wifi and wifi hotspot, the noises on the transmitting side can be listened continually.- Connection is free of charge.- It works for a short distance between 2 android devices.- It works as a service, so it signs also running in the background (even during telephoning) when the child wakes up.- The monitoring level can be modulated on both side. If the volume does not reach the installed level on the transmitting side, the sound packet does not get into the network.- If the voice comes over on the receiver side, it is possible to set the own monitoring level separately, so the sounds which come over can be heard, but the device does not alarm.- By the alarm the device shakes, and if there is a flash, it even flashes once or twice.- The transmitter and the receiver talk with each other continually, so if the transmitter is flat, or the program does not work properly, the receiving side obtains continual alert.- The sound wave can be seen on the user's face.- On entry it stops the 3G mobile net, it does not work in that.- In transmitting mode it sets the mobile status for silence, on exit it sets that back.Directions for use:Have 2 android devices of whatever version. Be either the transmitter, the other one the receiver.Both of them should be signed in the same wifi network, or either should be the wifi hotspot and the other one should connect to it, or both of them should be on the same lan network.Install the correct partner IP on the device of the transmitting side (the receiving side write out its own IP address which should be typed in the partner device).Install the limit value slider (red) on the device of the transmitting side so that it should be above the noises which are in normal position, so it will send signs only when the noises step over that limit value.You have to install only the own slider on the receiving side.When the sign comes over from the transmitting side, it can be heard in the speaker and can be seen on the graph, If the sign level oversteps the own volume slider, then the mobile signs with vibration and blinking with the flash,In case the connection breaks with the transmitter, the device signs with continual vibration and light the termination of the transmission.If the programs gets in the background, it works even then, it gives and receives the signs. It terminates the operation only when you exit from the program regularly or when it is stopped in the task operator.If you use a device with law resolution (under 800 pixel), the under graph will not turn up, the program, however, signs the voice levels on the above the volume slider henceforward.Please, do not forget, the program does not substitute the professional baby guards or a mummy!If you are not sure in its operation, please, try first the trial version, it can occur that it does not work as you would like it.

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