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Automobile Engineering


Platform: Android
App ID: in.softecks.automobileapp
Price: Free
Category: Education, Education
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    ✴This Automobile Engineering App is the One Stop Solution for All Automobile Engineering Needs,It Contains Various Important Automobile Engineering Concepts.✴►The Aim of this App is to Motivate Engineering Students and Professionals across the World into Learning All Important Concepts of Automobile Engineering. ☆This is very useful for people who are preparing for Competitive Exams and Job Interviews as well.❰ Not Only Automobile Engineers get benefit from this App Other Fields like Electrical Engineering,Civil Engineering,Production Engineering,Manufacturing Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Materials Engineering,Instrumentation Engineering,Mechatronics Engineering,Robotics Engineering,Nano Technology,Structural Engineering,Piping Engineering,Powerplant Engineering,Petroleum Engineering,Petrochemical Engineering,Aerospace Engineering,Architectural Engineering,Network Engineering,Railway Engineering,Marine Engineering,Chemical Engineering,Textile Engineering,Polymer Technology,Plastic Technology, Physics Students,Chemistry Students and related field students.❱►This app contains all the basic to advanced concepts on automobile & automotive engineering.❱❱【Few Important Topics covered in this App are Listed Below】⇢ What is Automobile Engineering?⇢ Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)⇢ ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL⇢ CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection)⇢ DTSI (Digital Twin Spark Ignition System)⇢ Electromagnetic Brake⇢ SPARK PLUG⇢ TURBOCHARGER⇢ WINDSHIELD WASHER⇢ Blink Code in Anti-lock Braking System(ABS)⇢ Working of a Car⇢ Layout of a Car⇢ Battery Introduction⇢ Advantages of Using Rechargeable Batteries⇢ Are Primary and Rechargeable Batteries interchangeable among-st each other?⇢ The Batteries Work Better In Different Devices⇢ Types of Batteries⇢ Battery Principe of Operation⇢ Brake Introduction⇢ Types of Brakes⇢ Frictional, Pumping, Electromagnetic brakes⇢ Hydraulic Brake⇢ Air Brake System⇢ Anti-Braking System⇢ Clutch Introduction⇢ Requirements of a Good Clutch⇢ Different Types of Clutch⇢ Fluid Coupling⇢ Differential Introduction⇢ Advantages & Disadvantages of Front Wheel Drive⇢ Advantages & Disadvantages of Rear Wheel Drive⇢ Advantages & Disadvantages of All Or 4- Wheel Drive⇢ Need of a Differential⇢ Construction and Working of Differential Assembly⇢ Components of Automobile Engine⇢ Engine Problems⇢ How to Produce More Engine Power⇢ Efficiency of the engine⇢ Overall Power Loss In Engine⇢ Gear Introduction⇢ Terminology of Spur Gear⇢ Use of Gear Advantage of Teeth on Gear⇢ Gear Ratio⇢ How Does a Gear Ratio Affect Speed?⇢ How Does Gear Ratio Affects Torque⇢ Gear Train⇢ Simple & Compound Gear Train⇢ Planetary Or Epicyclic Gear Train⇢ Reverted Gear Train⇢ Mechanical Advantage⇢ Suspension System Introduction⇢ Principle of Suspension System⇢ Components of Suspension System⇢ Common Problems of the Suspension System⇢ Preventive Measures for Suspension System⇢ Comparison between MacPherson Double Wishbone Suspension Systems⇢ Transmission system Introduction⇢ Need For a Transmission⇢ Types of Transmission System⇢ Manual Transmission⇢ Components of Manual Transmission⇢ Working of Manual Transmission⇢ Five-Speed Manual Transmission⇢ Double Clutching⇢ Synchronized Transmission⇢ Automatic Transmission⇢ Planetary Gear Sets⇢ Clutches & Bands, Torque Converter, Valve Body⇢ Comparison between Manual & Automatic Transmission-⇢ Semi-Automatic Transmission⇢ Dual Clutch Transmission⇢ Sequential Transmission⇢ Continuously Variable Transmissions⇢ Future Developments in Automotive Transmission Systems⇢ TERMS CONNECTED WITH I. C. ENGINES:⇢ FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM IN SPARK IGNITION ENGINE⇢ FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM IN DIESEL ENGINE⇢ Carburetor⇢ MPFI⇢ COOLING SYSTEM⇢ AIR COOLING SYSTEM⇢ WATER COOLING SYSTEM⇢ LUBRICATION⇢ Types of Lubricating Systems⇢ Additives in lubricating oil⇢ Valve Operating Systems⇢ Anti-Friction Bearings

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