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杉山 かめたろう

Platform: Android
App ID: jp.ddo.sugihiro.runner
Price: Free
Category: Health & Fitness, Business
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Jogging Running and recording app for walking is "JogRecorder (jog recorder)".To record, you need to enable the Android GPS feature.[Main feature]The JogRecorder (jogging, walking recording app), there are mainly the following features.- Saving the location information of the GPS every second- Display lap time(per 1km)- Display map your running cource- Export CSV format data- Consumption calorie calculation feature ** you need to set the weight in [MENU] > [other] > [Settings], and check the [calorie mode].[Permission to use][Location]Detailed location information-> is required in order to get the current position information.[Storage]Modify / delete the content of the SD card-> is required in order to output the measured data to the SD card.[Network communication]Full Internet access-> If you use the map or shop, you need to access the Internet.[System Tools]Changing the general settings of the system-> is required to temporarily maximum bright settings change the screen.[Vibration control]Measurement start, pause, is necessary in order to Vibe at the touch of a button in the end.[Shooting photos and videos]It is necessary in order to turn on the flashlight for night running.[Update History]June 20, 2019- Fixed an issue that caused an error when importing and exporting CSV.June 19, 2019- Fix the problem that GoogleMap is not displayed and it becomes an error.June 18, 2019- Fixed an issue that caused an error immediately after launching on Android 9.November 4, 2018- Fixed an issue that does not start on some models.November 3, 2018- Fixed a problem that the GPS stopped when the screen was turned off.October 27, 2018- SDK 26 or higher is required on Google Play, so update target SDK to 26.May 29, 2016- Automatic stop / resume feature added , such as for signal waiting.- English corresponding main featureSeptember 26, 2015- In the Facebook post feature, if you post failure, improvement to retry.May 18, 2015- All wrapped in a flick to the recording, add total, the calorie display switching feature.May 05, 2015- Every month of bug fixes record.April 19, 2015- Bug fixes - facebook posting feature.March 08, 2015- Add the ability to be notified by a sound for each 1km.- In all of the record, the average time display feature additional per 1km.April 13, 2014- Distance correction feature added.- Changed Shop menu change.December 14, 2013- Map display of performance improvement.December 11, 2013- And improvement of facebook posting feature.December 08, 2013- Facebook post feature added.- Map full screen display feature added.November 30, 2013- Main screen add the brightness of the setting feature of.November 25, 2013- Modify the flashlight feature.March 02, 2013- Calorie counting feature added.February 12, 2013- All of the recording, the performance improvement of the display speed of the monthly record.February 05, 2013- Error reporting the correction of SQLiteException gotten.December 09, 2012- Screen fix so that the service does not stop even if you are still closed.December 01, 2012- Add the measurement automatic restart feature when Android during the measurement is restarted.November 21, 2012- Add a flashlight feature for night running.October 20, 2012- The way modify the distance calculation is shorter bug when the GPS of sensitivity has become worse.September 30, 2012- Start Fixed a bug such as the time of the lap is shifted at the time of (Aggregate feature of month) monthly record add.- The name change "Recording List" to "all of the record".September 21, 2012- For each 1km add the ability to be notified by Vibe.- Playback later modify the distance display of bugs such as measurement.- Corrected so as not to turn ON the GPS during playback.August 19, 2012- Second time bug fixes distance at the time of measurement.- Correction feature additional abnormal movement distance of GPS error.June 27, 2012- Published.

Publisher: 杉山 かめたろう

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Released June 19, 2019

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