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Platform: Android
App ID: org.vv.thjh.homedinner
Price: Free
Category: Books & Reference, Food & Drink
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    美味家常菜收集了上千份家庭菜譜,有詳細的圖片和步驟,是您學做菜、學習菜肴制作的慘考伴侶。軟件還帶有語音搜索功能,只要您說出菜的名字,語音助手會自動幫妳檢索出相關的菜譜信息。家常菜是家庭日常制作食用的菜肴。家常菜,是中菜的源頭,也是地方風味菜系的組成基礎。家庭利用現有的調味品也可以炒制出的菜肴。夏天要吃些清淡的食物,甜品可以是綠豆海帶湯、八寶粥、銀耳百合湯等;湯可以是:老鴨冬瓜海帶湯、魚頭豆腐紫菜湯、草菇肉末湯等;小菜可以是:苦瓜炒牛肉、雞肝炒絲瓜,蝦皮雞蛋炒茄子等,因為夏天瓜類較多,蔬菜較少,夏天的蔬菜只有空心菜、紅薯苗等,可以配上蒜米來炒,也很好吃,還很方便。冬季是進補的好季節,但有壹點要註意的是,進補並不是壹定要吃多麽好的東西,壹些看起來很簡單的菜肴,只要用的時候適當,也能起到意想不到的良好效果。Delicious home cooking family recipes collected thousands of copies, detailed pictures and step, you learn how to cook, learning dishes made miserable test partner. The software also comes with voice search function, as long as you say the name of the dish, voice assistant will automatically help u retrieve information related to the recipe.Deli is a family daily production of edible dishes. Dishes, is the source of food, but also form the basis of local flavor cuisine. Family use of the existing seasoning can also be fried dishes out.Summer to eat light food, desserts can be a green bean seaweed soup, rice pudding, lily white fungus soup; soup can be: duck melon seaweed soup, fish head tofu seaweed soup, mushroom soup minced meat;Side dishes can be: bitter gourd fried beef, chicken livers fried gourd, eggplant fried shrimp eggs, etc., because many summer melons, less vegetables, summer vegetables only water spinach, sweet potato seedlings, etc., can be coupled with garlic fried, and very delicious, very convenient.Winter is the tonic of a good season, but there is One point to note is that, given tonic One is not how to eat good things, and then one of these seemingly simple dish, as long as when used properly, can also play an unexpected good results.

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