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仁心 泉安堂 卓家老舖


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泉安堂為本宗十八世祖國納公於清、嘉慶年間始創於福建泉州南安縣石井鎮(延平郡王鄭成功故里)虔修膏丹,濟世活人,後世均承祖業,傳至廿一世祖德義公,精嫻內外各科,尤擅針灸,懸壺於泉漳金廈之間,濟困扶危,不慕榮利,得地方耆宿推許,譽為「鯉城神針」。先父廿二世傳銘公幼承庭訓,德義公親授歧黃,及長沙要訣,至十三歲時繼承祖業為泉安堂第五代傳人,並於抗戰勝利後遷館至金門沙美,其後因戰火日熾,先父於民國四十四年遷臺,初始于南昌街應聘行醫,復於民國四十七年在永和路舊址開創「卓家老舖」藥號並設「泉安堂中醫診所」,民國五十至六十年代,並任教於台中中國醫藥學院,教授「黃帝內經」、「國藥專修選讀」作育英才、桃李滿門。民國六十七年擔任台北縣中醫師公會第十一屆理事長,健全會務,嘉惠同道。後因永和路拓寬故遷館於復興街十號繼續服務桑梓,聖手佛心,譽滿杏林。先父於民國七十七年退休,將「卓家泉安堂老舖」永和本店傳于六子播儒,克紹其裘,並於民國八十九年中秋興辦板橋市北門街「仁心中醫診所」,廣召各科高手,擴大服務,細心診治,健全管理,規模初具。先父得享遐齡,以一○一歲高壽辭世,臨終猶諄諄祖訓「醫學無止境,望能術德並重,切記為醫者應本有人無我之精神,始稱為醫」。父子兩代於永和落地生根,當以維護永和市民之健康為懸念,是故特於民國九十七年仲秋「泉安堂中醫診所」於永和市復館,子承父志,一本初衷。泉安堂中醫診所為「卓家泉安堂老舖」六子卓播儒於民國九十七年興辦,廣召各科高手,擴大服務,細心診治,健全管理,為永和在地民眾服務。卓家老舖中醫診所為「卓家泉安堂老舖」六子卓播儒於民國一百零五年興辦的卓家老舖中醫旗艦館,位在金門縣金沙鎮后浦頭的縣定古蹟「黃宣顯六路大厝」,為金門首創古蹟裡的中醫診所,在古色古香的環境中,為金門的在地民眾提供最優質的醫療服務。An Tang Quan-oriented cases XVIII motherland Carolina public in clear, Jiaqing was founded in Quanzhou, Fujian Nanan County town of Ishii (Koxinga Koxinga's hometown) Qianxiu and paste Dan, save the world of the living, were later Chengzu industry, spread to twenty World Zude Yi Gong, Jing Xian subjects inside and outside, especially good at acupuncture, hanging pot between Kinmen and Xiamen Zhang Quan, the poor and needy of distress, not Murong Li, in the place Nestor acclaimed, hailed as "Licheng Magic."My father Nianer Ming Shi Chuan male child for the motto, Deyi public Qinshou Huang Qi, tips and Changsha, to 13 years of age to inherit ancestral property Quan An Tang fifth generation descendant, and moved to the museum after the war to the Golden Gate Samet, because later Chi-war Japan, the Republic of China moved to Taiwan late father 44 years initial candidates to practice Nam Cheong Street, the complex in the Republic of forty years to create "Zhuo old shop" drug number in Yonghe Road site and set "Quan An Tang Chinese medicine clinics" Republican 1950s and 1960s, and taught at the China Medical College in Taichung, "Professor Huang Di Nei Jing", "Chinese medicine specializing Readings" for education excellence, peaches and plums over the door. Republic of China 67 years served as Taipei County, the eleventh president of Chinese Physicians' Association, a sound business, AirPlus fellow. After it is moved due to road widening Yonghe Hall in the 10th Street revival to continue to serve their homeland, Kathrine Buddha's heart, famous Xinglin.Fathers in the Republic of 77-year retirement, will "Zhuojia Quan An Tang old shop" Yonghe shop pass to broadcast six children Confucianism, Keshao their fur, and in the Republic of China 89 years to set up the Mid-Autumn Panchiao City North Gate Street, "benevolence clinic "Guang Zhao master subjects, expand services, careful diagnosis and treatment, sound management, its scale. Fathers have to enjoy old age, with a one year old longevity ○ death, dying still earnestly teachings of our forefathers "Medical endless, both hope to surgery Germany, the doctor should keep in mind as this was not my spirit, came to be called doctors." Father and son landed in YongheRoot, when in order to protect public health Yonghe of suspense, especially in the autumn of the actual occurrence of the Republic of ninety seven "Quan An Tang Chinese medicine clinics" in Yonghe City Hall complex, inherited his father's ambition, one mind.Quan An Tang Chinese medicine clinics to six children "Zhuojia Quan An old church shop" Zhuo broadcast Confucianism in the Republic of ninety seven years to set up, called wide master subjects, expand services, careful diagnosis and treatment, sound management, Yonghe in the public service.Zhuo old shop clinic as "Zhuojia Quan An Tang old shop" Six children Zhuo broadcast Confucianism in the Republic of one hundred and five years to set up Zhuo old shop traditional Chinese flagship museum, located in the pump head after Jinsha Town Kinmen County historic site, "Huang Xuan remarkable six-way big house ", the first monument to the Golden Gate in the clinic, in the quaint environment, provide the best quality medical services to the people in Kinmen.

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