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公司簡介成立時間: 西元2002年 經營據點: 總部設於高雄 國內門市:高雄、屏東 、台南 、台中、台北 采醫形象成立於2002年,由蔡志成醫師領導一群專業醫療團隊,以自然、信心、完美為服務宗旨,期許讓許多愛美的群眾得到經濟、快速、有效的核心價值。有鑒於皮膚是人體最大以及重要的社交器官,采醫集團致力於讓顧客獲得健康、年輕的肌膚,讓愛美的大家都能重拾自信,走出漂亮的人生!專業醫師團隊經歷:榮總主治醫師、美容醫學專科醫師、高醫整形外科主治醫師、燒傷中心主任、養髮專科醫師、馬階紀念醫院總醫師等,以及經營團隊共同組成!采醫全省共有8間直營門市為愛美的您服務:台北 馨麗診所 新北市三重區重新路4段2號 (02)2973-8699台北 漾麗診所 台北市林森北路556號1-2樓 (02)2585-5580台中 馥麗診所 台中市向上路一段19號 (04)2305-9598台中 沛麗診所 台中市文心路四段880號 (04)2234-1167台南 臻麗診所 台南市東豐路363號 (06)238-1946台南 絢麗診所 台南市永華二街200號 (06)299-1997高雄 蔡志成整形外科 高雄市民族一路509號 (07)341-0901高雄 翎麗診所 高雄市文橫二路125號 (07)221-0618經營理念: 目前采醫旗下共有8間診所,10餘家加盟診所或沙龍。診所服務的五大項目分別為:整形手術、醫學美容、SPA、抗老化療程、減重療程、養髮療程。采醫秉持著以服務為主旨,強調「自然、信心、完美」、「經濟、快速、有效」,期望顧客能用平價的消費,享受到六星級的優質服務,讓顧客享受到平價奢華,擁有美麗不再是有錢人的專利。采醫保證,每一瓶采醫產品中所含成分都經嚴格品管,全系列產品均採用天然成分,給皮膚最無負擔的保養。Company ProfileFounded: 2002 ADOperating positions: Headquartered in KaohsiungDomestic Retail: Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Tainan, Taichung, TaipeiMedical image mining was established in 2002, a group led by Cai Zhicheng physician professional medical team to the natural, confident, perfect to serve the purpose,Expect so many people to get the beauty of the economy, fast, and effective core values. In view of the skin is the largest and important socialOrgan, mining Medical Group is committed to let customers get healthy, younger-looking skin, so that the beauty of everyone to regain their confidence, out of a beautiful life!Team physician experience:Veterans General Hospital physician, aesthetic medicine specialist, high medical orthopedic surgeon, director of the burn center, hair care specialist, MA, MD, of the total order Memorial Hospital, as well as the composition of the management team together!A total of eight doctors mining province Direct store for the beauty of your service:No. Taipei Xin Lai Clinic rerouted Taipei triple District 4 section 2 (02) 2973-86991-2 F Yang Li Linsen North Road, Taipei City, Taipei Clinic No. 556 (02) 2585-5580Taichung Taichung Fu Lai clinic to hit the road for some 19 (04) 2305-9598Taichung Taichung Wen Pei Li Mind Clinic, Sec 880 (04) 2234-1167No. 363 Tainan Li Zhen Dong Feng Road, Tainan City clinic (06) 238-1946Tainan City, Tainan gorgeous clinic Yonghua Second Street (06) 299-1997 200Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Cai Zhicheng orthopedic nation all the way 509 (07) 341-0901Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung Wen Ling Lai clinic cross Road No. 125 (07) 221-0618Business philosophy: There's a total of eight mining medical clinics, joining more than 10 clinics or salon. Five projects were clinics: plastic surgery, cosmetic medicine, SPA, anti-aging treatments, weight loss treatments, hair care treatment. Taken to uphold the medical services for the subject, emphasizing the "natural, confident, perfect," "economic, fast and effective," customers can expect affordable consumer, enjoy the six-star service, so customers can enjoy affordable luxury, With beautiful is no longer the exclusive province. Mining medicine that each bottle contained ingredients mining medical products are subject to stringent quality control, the full range of products using natural ingredients to the skin without the burden of most maintenance.

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