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菱威智科技有限公司是一家專業生產和銷售商用觸控一體機、多媒體廣告機、液晶拼接等商業視頻顯示終端設備,同時還兼顧各類電視、觸控螢幕、客製化工業螢幕、監控螢幕、商業用小電視,家用電視等的多元化高新技術企業。公司具有深厚的顯示設備生產歷史傳統,從等離子電視到液晶電視、LED電視,積累豐富的生產經驗技術經驗和客戶基礎。 公司具有自己的生產廠房,獨立五金外殼生產製造,及資深的設計師,技術研發團隊,擁有註冊商標“Diamond”商標。生產的產品包括液晶廣告機、網路廣告機、觸控一體機,電腦廣告一體機,車載電視,液晶顯示器、電視、LCD拼接墻等一系列商用液晶顯示設備,廣泛應用於商店、大樓、展廳、銀行、酒店、飯店、高鐵捷運站、電影院、學校、養生美髮、套房等場所。 公司凝聚了一批顯示設備硬體技術人才,建立了優質、完備的售後服務體系。近年來公司主要致力於LCD、LED液晶等新媒體廣告機的研發、設計及銷售,本著“低成本,高回報”的服務合作理念,積極研發出完美匹配合作商業夥伴的廣告機產品。公司時刻以客戶需求為中心,從方案設計、方案整改、定制生產、安裝調試、技術支持等全過程提供了技術完備、服務到位的廣告機定制服務與支持。PChome商店街:菱威智科技有限公司Wei Ling-chi Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of commercial touch one machine, multimedia advertising machines, LCD splicing and other commercial video display terminal devices, while also taking into account all types of TV, touchscreen, custom chemical screen monitor screen commercial with a small television, home video and other diversified high-tech enterprises. The company has deep historical traditions display equipment, from plasma TVs to LCD TV, LED TV, has accumulated rich experience in production technology experience and customer base.    The company has its own production plant, independent metal shell manufacturing, and experienced designers, technical research and development team, has a registered trademark "Diamond" trademark. Products include LCD advertising player, network advertising, touch one machine, computer advertising machine, automotive TV, LCD monitors, TVs, LCD mosaic wall and a series of commercial liquid crystal display device is widely used in shops, buildings, showrooms , banks, hotels, restaurants, high-speed rail MRT stations, cinemas, schools, health salons, suites and other places.    Companies unite a number of display hardware equipment and technical personnel, the establishment of high-quality, comprehensive service system. In recent years, the company focused on developing LCD, LED LCD and other new media, advertising, design and marketing, in the "low cost, high return," the service concept of cooperation, and actively develop the perfect match for business cooperation partners advertising products. Company time to customer demand as the center, from the rectification program design, program, custom manufacturing, installation and commissioning, technical support, and so the whole process provides complete technical services in place of advertising customized service and support.PChome Store Street: Ling-chi Technology Co., Ltd.

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Released June 23, 2016

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