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模擬中有三頂重量皆為1000公克的皇冠,其中有一頂是純金製成的,其他兩頂卻是合金(參雜其他金屬)製成,槓桿右端懸掛的重量也是1000公克的純金金條。你知道哪個皇冠才是純金製成的真皇冠嗎?這三頂黃冠的密度關係為何(皇冠A > 皇冠B > 皇冠C 還是 皇冠A < 皇冠B < 皇冠C)?使用模擬中的量測工具後,你能算出三頂皇冠的密度嗎?希臘哲學家阿基米德為了解決國王要他判斷皇冠是否是純金的問題而發明了浮力原理,物體在水中排開的體積等於它的浮力,但在阿基米德的著作中並無記載他是如何運用浮力原理準確判定皇冠真假的細節,爾後的學者認為參了銀的皇冠與等重的純金浸入水中後排出的體積差異不大,依據當時的量測技術應該很難單純用比較兩物排開水的體積來斷定差異,伽利略在閱讀過阿基米德所有文獻後推論,阿基米德可能結合浮力與槓桿原理來解決這問題。There are three simulations are all by weight 1000 grams crown, which is made of a gold, but it is the other two alloys (doped other metal), the right end of the lever is suspended by weight of 1000 grams of gold bullion. You really know which of the crown is the crown made of pure gold? That's three yellow crown density relationship of why (Crown A> Crown B> C or Crown Crown A In order to solve the Greek philosopher Ajimide king asked him to determine whether the crown was pure gold question invented the principle of buoyancy, the object in the water displaces a volume equal to its buoyancy, but there is no record of his writings in Ejimide how to use the buoyancy principle to accurately determine the authenticity of the details of the crown, and later scholars see little difference in volume after immersion in water discharge parameters of silver and other heavy crown of gold, according to the time of measurement techniques should be difficult to compare with two simple material discharge volume of water to determine the differences Galileo after reading all the literature had Ajimide inferences, Ajimide possibly in combination with the buoyancy of the lever principle to solve this problem.

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