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Progress Telerik UI for Xamarin is a library of native and customizable UI controls for building stunning cross-platform mobile applications for the most populate mobile platforms including iOS. This application shows scenarios developers can achieve using Progress Telerik UI for Xamarin. Browse the examples to get the first-hand experience with the suite. A Source code preview is available for every example. Progress Telerik UI for Xamarin key components: Predefined LOB Theme and Design-Time and Toolbox Support Telerik UI for Xamarin enhances the design-time experience with support for Toolbox by allowing you to drag and drop components on the screen, thus making the screens development much easier. Conversational UI This Chat component allows you to create modern chat experiences in your Xamarin apps, regardless of the chatbot framework you choose, or to accommodate a peer-to-peer chat scenario. Border With the new RadBorder component, you will have full control over the look & feel of the border that wraps around your views. CheckBox This is a checkbox control which enables users to make a choice between two mutually exclusive options. Barcode Barcode is a control used for creating and showing barcodes. You can generate and visualize barcodes in a machine-readable format by providing numeric or character data. TreeView It facilitates management of hierarchical data structures. The control comes with commands mechanism, data binding, checkbox support. DataGrid The control provides the ability to easily perform operations like sorting, filtering, grouping, and editing over the underlying data. Numeric Input NumericInput is a highly customizable input control for numeric data. Button The button UI customization is possible through the pre-defined, provided themes, or you can add rotation, shapes, transparency, text, and backgrounds and images for a custom look and feel. Entry RadEntry is a text input control, which accepts string input from the users. Key features: •Watermark support •Password SlideView The SlideView allows users to present content in separate pages and switch between them by swiping. MaskedInput Using the MaskInput in your app, you can now ensure correct input is provided by the end users with the support for predefined tokens such as digits, chars, letters, alphanumeric input etc or regex of your choice. Linear and Radial Gauges The RadGauge controls serve as instruments that indicate and give a visual display of amount, level, or contents of something. •Different display layouts •Linear axis •Indicators •Ranges •Animations ListView It provides the most frequently used functionalities. It comes with: •Different layout modes. •UI virtualization. •Pull-to-refresh. •Selection. •Commands •Cells swipe. •Grouping. •Styling API. Chart A versatile charting component that offers full customization, great performance and intuitive object model. •10+ Chart Types •Chart Axes Type Support •Fully Customizable •Band and Line annotations. •Trackball •Pan and Zoom Rating Rating is UI component that allows users to intuitively rate by selecting a number of items [stars] from a predefined number of items. BusyIndicator BusyIndicator allows you to display a notification whenever a longer-running process is being handled by the application. SegmentedControl This component allows you to display a list of horizontally aligned, mutually exclusive options, which can be selected by the user. Calendar The Calendar is a highly customizable calendar component that offers different view modes, animations, great performance and customization options. •Day, Week, Month and Year views. •API allowing to achieve scheduling functionality. •Selection •Flexible Styling API. SideDrawer The SideDrawer steps on the popular navigation pattern where you can access all your application screens from a single sliding menu. TabView The component is a flexible navigation control that allows you to build tabbed interfaces.

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