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WISHING MOON TAROT -WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE WITH A TAP OF YOUR FINGER GET GENUINE PURE INSIGHT AND RELEVANT ANSWERS TO YOUR MOST BURNING QUESTIONS. Like it. - 5 Stars by LizDerby - Version 1.0 - 24 June 2010 So, this is like a yes/no answer app. It's better than the other ones out there. Besides being accurate another point of tarot is just for meditation, and this app is a good source for that. It doesn't seem to be negative in any way, even the "no" cards have positive meanings behind them. The make a wish feature is a nice touch. This app was free, so I can't say anything to bad about it. I could ask 4 more spreads, but I have been satisfied with the app just the way it is. It's accurate, soothing, and a positive tool. I enjoy it very much and I thank the creators for putting it out there. Those guys did a great job. Strangely accurate - 5 Stars by UkButterfly - Version 1.0 - 24 June 2010 For a free app this has me slightly spooked because it always seems to be accurate, more so than any of the other similar apps I've got. Love it! I love this app! - 5 Stars by AngieBooBoo123 - Version 1.0 - 18 June 2010 I was so surprised that this app actually answered my questions. Some of the other tarot apps just give card meanings, but this gave real answers. I am so impressed. Love this app! - 5 Stars by Lee.Lee. - Version 1.0 - 17 June 2010 Everyone should download this app. The messages are very accurate and beautifully written. I always use it when I feel uncertain and I end up feeling much better and like I'm on the right track. Great free app! The Wishing Moon iphone Tarot App has been designed by one of the UK's leading professional Psychics. New exciting advances in technology have compelled me to develop the traditional tarot into the fabulous virtual Wishing Moon Tarot App, to allow everyone to unlock the mysteries of the tarot and tap into the psychic world through their iphone. For centuries people have looked to the tarot as the main form of psychic guidance. I personally have an inherent and lifelong love of the traditional tarot cards. I have collected many decks and treasured them lovingly over the years. The colours and images are used as a psychic tool, which when focused upon, builds an immediate bond between the earth world and the psychic plain. This will allow a psychic reader to form a strong connection of energies, which heighten the psychic spirit, helping to bring forth accurate and informative information between the reader and the sitter (the person seeking the reading). Now you can carry this beautiful Wishing Moon Tarot App with you every day. Each of the tarots has been interpreted to give you personal and specific answers. The answers given will reveal what your chosen card means to you, be it Love, Money, Career or Future. You will not just receive a Yes or No answer but a detailed interpretation of the card, relevant to YOU. Real answers brought to you, from a personal interpretation of the tarot developed by a real psychic available to you every day, free of charge from your iphone. Download the Free Wishing Moon Tarot App today; after all you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by inviting a little magic into your life. The Wishing Moon Tarot App will also allow you to make a wish. Click on the My Wish Card, write down exactly what it is that you feel you need. By wishing on the wishing moon, a powerful blue moon combined with the magical energy of the unicorn, you will attract extremely positive energies to help you accomplish everything that you have set your heart on. Think of this as the most powerful cosmic order that you could ever make, believe and the universe will answer you.

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