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Patrick Kelly

  • Platform: iOS
  • App ID: 418528535
  • Price: 299
  • Category: Education, Music
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Publisher: Patrick Kelly
Number of Apps: 43, including

  • Fingering
  • Maestro
  • Fingering Woodwinds for iPhone
  • Fingering for iPad
  • Fingering Strings for iPhone
Latest Update/Release: 36525 days ago


Over 100 scales notated and played for you. Transposition for instruments in Ab, Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, and E. Play along! Create a pdf of the notation and piano key markings for sharing or printing. Listen and watch the notes and piano keys highlight as it plays. Transpose with a touch, to any root, in treble, alto, tenor or bass clef. See the scale notated correctly, with double sharps and flats as needed. For example, Gb minor has a B double flat, not an A. Have the scale played in a wide variety of ways. • Choose from 11 rhythmic patterns. • Choose 1, 2 or 3 octaves. • Loop continuously, or play just once through. • Select the space between each loop. • Choose if you want the scale played forward and backward (up and down), or just forward. • Includes an optional 2 or 4 beat count-off. Included scales: • Common: Major Natural Minor Harmonic Minor Melodic Minor - Up & Down Whole-Half Diminished Half-Whole Diminished Whole-tone Chromatic • Modes: Ionian Dorian Phrygian Lydian Mixolydian Aeolian Locrian • Jazz: Major Pentatonic Minor Pentatonic Blues Blues Modified Blues Phrygian Blues Diminished Bebop Bebop Major Bebop Dominant Bebop Minor Bebop Minor 2 Harmonic Major Phrygian Dominant Lydian Dominant (Overtone) Lydian Augmented Augmented Half Diminished 1 Half Diminished 2 Diminished Whole Tone 6th Mode of Harmonic Minor Neapolitan Major Neapolitan Minor Harmonic Neapolitan Minor Prometheus • Hindustani Thaats: Bilawal Kalyan Khamaj Bhairav Poorvi Marwa Kafi Asavari Bhairavi Todi • World: Algerian Arabian Byzantine Hawaiian Hindu Hungarian or Egyptian Indian Indian Minor Jewish or Spanish Oriental Persian Romanian Bocovia Romanian Major Romanian Minor • China: Bi Yu Chaio Kung Youlan • Japan: Han-kumoi Hira-joshi Honchoshi Plagal Form Iwato Kokin-joshi, Miyakobushi Nohkan Ritsu Sakura Pentatonic Sansagari Taishikicho, Ryo • Composers: Prokofiev Scriabin Shostakovich Verdi Enigmatic Verdi Enigmatic - Up & Down • Messiaen Modes: Mode 1 - Whole Tone Mode 2 - Half-Whole Diminished Mode 3 Mode 3 Inverse Mode 4 Mode 4 Inverse Mode 5 Mode 5 Inverse Mode 6 Mode 6 Inverse Mode 7 Mode 7 Inverse Truncated Mode 2 Truncated Mode 3 Truncated Mode 3 Inverse Truncated Mode 5 Truncated Mode 5 Inverse Truncated Mode 6 Truncated Mode 6 Inverse


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Released February 04, 2019

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