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2019 Year in Review

2019 Year in Review

Year in review for 2019, and things to come for 2020!

Last year we saw lots of upgrades to the MightySignal platform like the inclusion of MAU data, publisher contact upgrades, SDK market share tools, and iOS 12 scans. It was a busy year, to say the least, and we set the bar high for 2020.

So what do we have up our sleeves for this year and what did you miss from 2019? Let's dive in and take a look. 

iOS 12 Upgrade

Last year we saw some drastic changes to the iOS ecosystem including a macOS 10.15 Catalina update that broke iTunes up into Music, Podcasts, Apps, etc.

This presented a tough problem and it’s where we had the opportunity to shine. The nitty-gritty details include new infrastructure, new tooling, and new ultra-deep iOS hooks--all orchestrated for faster downloads and hassle-free scans. The end result, improved system stability, live scan functionality and we were the first to crack iOS 12 scans. 

MAU Upgrade

Want to measure the MAU figures for a mobile app? MightySignal has always offered our unique data point, User Base as a broad and more accurate measurement of an app's active user base. In 2019, we introduced MAU to our platform to supplement our User Base data point for the most accurate report building. 

During this process, we managed to slip in a little extra feature we’re excited to share with you all. In the Explorer V2 tool, you will now find additional MAU filters to build custom reports under the App Details section. These filters include MAU and MAU monthly change.

This feature will allow your team to add this qualifying metric into your already saved reports, as well as new ones. Building reports based on an app's current active users or finding new apps with a user base that is growing month over month has never been easier.

Publisher Contacts Upgrades

Our publisher's contact database saw several improvements this year. For starters, we imported over ten million new and updated contacts that are updated quarterly for ultimate accuracy. We provided this massive database of contacts free for all MightySignal customers for all of 2019. 

Publisher Contact Exports

We also included a new Publisher Contact Export feature that allows you to quickly and easily export the publisher's contact data for any of your custom reports. This upgrade was accompanied by an improvement to our API system that allowed access to this data.

SDK Market Share Tools

Have you ever wondered what the most popular Location or Payment SDK is? Do you know which Ad Monetization SDK is making the most significant moves this month? We do, and now you can too! With the launch of MightySignal’s SDK Market Share Pages, we can show you that and so much more.

Let’s dive into the basic overview of the SDK market share data.

These pages have been organized by category for both the Android and iOS market places, allowing you to understand the marketplace that matters to you. Here are some of the insights you can gather from these pages: 

  • SDK category descriptions 
  • The number of SDKs in a category 
  • The install base of apps currently using a category SDK
  • Install base over the past 6 months 
  • Monthly Install and uninstall rates 
  • Top 5 iOS and Android SDKs for the category

We didn’t just stop at the high-level view though. You can drill down further into each individual SDKs page to understand more about the apps using those SDKs. Here’s what you can find on these pages:

  • Install base over the last 6 months for iOS and Android
  • Top Apps using the SDK
  • Monthly install and uninstall rates
  • Category market share during the previous six months
  • Number of apps in the top 200 using this SDK

We believe this new SDK market share tool will help publishers and developers understand the most prominent players in each SDK market space, while also providing new vital data.

2020 Sneak Peak

 So what's in store for Q1 and Q2, you ask? Let's dive in and take a look. 

iOS 13 scans

That's right: we have been successful in cracking iOS 13 scans and we will begin rolling out these upgrades in the first half of 2020. 

Ranking improvements

Ranking data is one of the most valuable metrics when analyzing apps and can provide insight into the growth and potential of that property. With that in mind, we are taking a deep-dive into our ranking system. Our goal is for better stability, more accuracy, and ranking infrastructure. We've already started to revamp the way we pull chart data, and can't wait to share these improvements with you all.

Publisher Cohesion Project

The app market can sometimes be messy and disjointed. This is especially true when considering app publishers have properties across multiple marketplaces. This has been a longtime struggle for us and our partners, and we are making it a priority this year to tackle this problem.

With our Publisher Cohesion Project, we will be linking publishers and their apps across marketplaces, remapping all publishers' data including their websites and contacts, all while adding revenue and employee count filtering for publishers.

We hope these upgrades help power your plans for 2020, and we are even more excited to share some of the improvements we have planned for the future. Contact us today to learn more about how MightySignals mobile app and SDK intelligence can empower your sales team.

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