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How is Appfigures Different From Their Competitors?

How is Appfigures Different From Their Competitors?

Appfigures Review: Is Appfigures The Best App Store Analytics Tool?

You've spent hours crafting your app, squashing bugs, and getting ready for launch. And then it's up there, available live to purchase - but now what? Sales data starts to trickle in, but you can't help feeling you should be doing more with the data you're receiving.

Unfortunately, both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store hide this data away. At best, it's hard to read, but most of the time, it's impossible to find.

Appfigures is an Appstore Analytics program. It provides app creators with the data they need to monitor and optimize their app listings. This helps you to use this data to market your app or apps better.

Appfigures Overview

Appfigures offer three distinct products. The first, Appfigures, is their most popular tool. The other two Explorer and Appbased, are aimed at larger development teams only:


Appfigure's most popular tool is an analytics system for app developers. This product provides developers with a lot of information that app stores either hide or communicate poorly, including country and category-specific ranking lists.

It can also collect data across several stores and products. This aggregation means it offers a one-stop overview of your products and sales data.


Explorer is a market intelligence tool for larger developers. It provides detailed information and insight into millions of apps and their developers. This is useful for developers who want to generate leads. You can also use it to analyze the market for new opportunities, track competition, and get contact details for publishers.


Appbase is a downloadable catalog containing the data Appfigures use in their Explorer app. This enables developers to manipulate and examine the data in ways that Explorer cannot.

Standout Features

Analytics stands out as the most widely used product Appfigures produce, and the one you are most likely to use first. Amongst its features, we particularly liked the following:

Highly Customizable Graphs Put Data Into Context

Appfigures turns dry, inaccessible data, into actionable insights. This is thanks in no small part to their colorful, easy-to-read graphs. The app displays the data in a way which makes it easy to spot trends and review your sales progress.

Fresh Data

Appfresh refreshes its app ranks hourly, which means you're always looking at up-to-date data. This freshness enables you to make marketing decisions based on the most recent data.

Review Monitoring

The reviews you receive on your app can be a great marketing tool. Appfigure's review monitoring feature alerts you when you receive new reviews. It also allows you to reply directly to them from the Appfigure platform and helps you share them with others.

Privacy Policy

It's unusual to pick out a privacy policy as a standout feature, but Appfigure's policy is a little different. Unlike most products with a freemium offering, Appfigures promise to never share your data with anyone. They will also completely delete all your data on request. This is a refreshing stance when most other companies use your data for profit.

Problem Areas

While we like Appfigures, no one's perfect. Here are a few areas of concern:


Appfigures relatively high cost may put some developers off. If you need app market or SDK intelligence, there are better value solutions available (such as MightySignal).

Database Size

The Appfigures market intelligence service, Explorer, has a smaller database than some competitors, which may concern some users. Appfigures claim their Explorer database includes records for 9M+ mobile apps and their downloadable Appbase dataset contains just 4M.

In contrast, MightySignal's database contains 10M+ mobile app publisher records (including contact details) and more than 10K SDKs.

Appfigures Pricing

Appfigures Analytics offers three pricing tiers:

Starter - The free Starter version of the app offers limited tracking for up to 5 apps. This includes revenue tracking, usage tracking, and top charts. But, it lacks many key features such as automation, review monitoring, and automatic alerts.

All-Access - The 'standard' tier costs $15 per month (although we've seen it discounted as low as $9 per month). They charge an extra $1.99 per app, although the first two apps are free. This includes all the Starter features, plus full automation, email reports, review monitoring, and more.

The Explorer product, aimed at larger development teams, starts at $299/month and quickly ramps up from there. This product won't be for most users, so we're not focused on it here.

2 Things to Consider Before You Buy Appfigures

Appfigures is a good product, but before you go ahead and purchase a plan, you might want to consider these points:

Try Before You Buy

When you sign up for Appfigures, you get a limited 14-day trial of the All-Access tier. After that, you must either commit to a payment plan or downgrade to Starter. Use this time to assess the features and what value they will be to your team.

Development Teams: Does Your Sales Volume Justify The Spend?

Appfigures pricing puts smaller development teams in a tricky spot. You're probably thinking you need the Enterprise version for its security features and integrations, but the jump from $15/month is huge.

We suggest assessing the cost against an estimated gain on your sales volume; if the app increased sales by 5%, would it pay for itself? What if it were only 3%? For many smaller developers, this is a tough choice.

What Do Others Say?

While reviews online are relatively limited, Appfigures has gained a positive reception. With six reviews on g2crowd, it has received an impressed 4.8/5.0 average score. In particular, reviewers praise its ease of use, the clarity it brings to app store analytics, and the insights its reports give.

On the other hand, some reviewers do mention that the pricing model is too high for smaller developers and personal use. This is something we also noticed (see the 'Things to Consider' section, above).

Appfigures Analytics Alternatives

The closest competitor to Appfigures Analytics is Appfollow. It boasts many large clients, including Airbnb (who Appfigures also claim as a client!), Marvel, HubSpot, and Sony. It also offers many of the same features, including analytics, reviewing monitoring, and charts. It has a freemium tier, although its paid plan is pricier at $29 per month.
For market research and lead generation alternatives, scroll down to the bottom where we tell you a bit about our solution.

Conclusion: Should You Purchase Appfigures?

If you haven't yet got a solution for your app store analytics, it's a no-brainer to at least try Appfigures. The free Starter version, coupled with the 14-day All-Access tier trial, means you can test it out and see if you like it. We think you will.

If you like Appfigures Analytics, you may also want to trial Appfollow. It has many of the same features at a similar price point. This makes it a good alternative to compare against. Try both solutions at the same time and see which your team prefers.
For market research, we recommend MightySignal (although we might be biased!). Our solution provides the most accurate and up-to-date mobile app & SDK intelligence.

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