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What Are SDK Current Installs?

What Are SDK Current Installs?

Developers can install and uninstall SDKs at any time. The SDK current installs stat gives the total number of apps that have the SDK installed at this particular moment. You can view this data over time to see emerging trends in install rates. 

How are current SDK installs calculated? 

MightySignal's proprietary system can access, decrypt, and analyze code in Android and iOS apps. We use this data to identify SDKs installed in most mobile apps, giving our customers unrivaled app intelligence. 

This process occurs on a rolling basis, allowing us to track any changes in an app's tech stack. The SDK current installs stat for each devkit is the current number of apps that depend on the SDK for core functionality. 

Developers launch new apps every day, and they make regular changes to existing apps to ensure that they offer the best possible functionality. That's why the SDK current installs figure is continuously in flux for every devkit. A sudden spike in installs might mean that the SDK is growing in popularity, while a dramatic fall may indicate that something else has superseded it. 

How to view SDK current installs

There are three different ways to view SDK current installs, each of which offers a different view: 

  • Web portal: You can visit the web portal at any time and see the current install figure for each app. The web portal offers this information as a graph with historical figures for the previous six months.
  • Data feeds: You can access the detail page for any SDK in your data feeds, such as the App Details Feed and App Ranking Feed. Here, you'll see the web view that includes the historical view of SDK current installs data. If you're not a registered MightySignal user, you can see an example by visiting the Top iOS SDKs feed or Top Android SDKs feed.
  • API call: You can access SDK current installs via API using the GET /<platform>/sdk/<sdk_id> command. The result is returned in the following format: "apps_count": 34253

How can I compare SDK current installs between devkits?

Current installs tells you the absolute number of apps that rely on a particular SDK, but that doesn't always give you the full story. An SDK may have a high number of current installs, but have a low share of the overall market. Conversely, an SDK that dominates a niche market may have a low rate of current installs. 

Compare this stat with other figures, such as SDK market share and SDK churn rate, to get an idea of a particular kit's overall performance.

It's also a good idea to look at trends within a category. If one SDK is gaining current installs while another is losing them, it may indicate that users are switching loyalties.

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