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What is an SDK Description?

What is an SDK Description?

When you view SDKs on the MightySignal site, you’ll usually see a brief description of what that SDK does. MightySignal creates these descriptions to give you a quick overview of what the kit does, what functions it offers, and who uses it.  We aim to keep these descriptions brief and objective so users can gain an at-a-glance understanding.

Where can I view the SDK Description?

The best place to see an SDK description is on the development kit’s unique MightySignal page. For example, if you visit the page for the Facebook iOS SDK, you’ll find the following description:

“Facebook provides the easiest way to track success of App Ads, implement powerful sharing or let people log into an app with Facebook. Among other tools, this SDK provides anonymized audience insight about the people interacting with the app as well as a way for people to login to the app through Facebook. It also contains five component SDKs that can be connected to individually.”

You can also view the SDK description in most web feeds. Check out the Top iOS SDKs and Top Android SDKs, and you’ll see how each description appears seamlessly integrated into each view.

SDK Description text is also available via the API. Use the following call to obtain SDK information:

GET /<platform>/sdk/<sdk_id>

And you’ll get a response with full SDK information. The SDK Description appears like this: 

“summary”: “[SDK description text]”

What information is in an SDK Description?

The SDK Description is not an authoritative guide to the devkit’s contents. Instead, the description text gives a concise overview of the most relevant points. Descriptions vary between SDKs, but you may find information such as:

  • Publisher: The company or organization responsible for the SDK
  • Main use case: The SDK’s primary purpose, such as analytics or advertising
  • Additional features: Most-used functions, other than the core functionality
  • Package overview: Brief description of the SDK contents
  • Target audience: Such as business, consumer, or developers

MightySignal’s app intelligence experts write every description. Every description is crafted so that it is relevant to people working on mobile app intelligence research. MightySignal users can look at any SDK description and immediately get a sense of how that devkit fits into the broader app market.

What if there’s a problem with an SDK Description?

MightySignal strives to offer relevant, accurate, objective SDK descriptions that provide value to platform users. If you have a suggestion for improving a specific description, you can contact us to let us know.

Descriptions are only indicators, and they are mainly for the purpose of easy comparison between SDKs. If you’d like to learn more about any individual SDK, you can click on that SDK’s name to access detailed intelligence data. Logged-in users can learn about each SDK in much greater detail.

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