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What is SDK Market Share?

What is SDK Market Share?

SDK market share is the context that allows you to see how a particular SDK is performing in relation to its direct competitors. The MightySignal platform expresses the SDK market share stat as a proportion of the total market. 

How is SDK market share calculated? 

MightySignal assigns each SDK to a unique category, such as Monetization, Authentication, or Analytics. This category reflects the SDK's primary function, so it gives you an idea of how developers use that particular SDK.

To calculate SDK market share, we look at the combined installs of all apps within the category. We then calculate the proportion of those installs that were related to the specific SDK. 

Here's an example:

  • Mobile Security Category – 1,000 total app installs
  • Aardvark Security – 600 installs
  • SecureZebra – 400 installs

In this instance, there are 1,000 app installs with a mobile security SDK, of which 600 are Aardvark Security. This means that Aardvark's SDK market share is equal to 600/1,000, or 0.6. 

Does a high SDK market share mean the SDK is popular?

Not necessarily.

SDK market share is proportionate to other apps in the space. If an app dominates a particular space, its market share will be close to 1.0. If it's not as popular, it will be closer to 0.1.

However, this doesn't reflect the absolute number of installs. Consider the following example: 

  • Bob's SDK has a market share of 0.2 in a category with 100,000 total installs.
  • Carol's SDK has a market share of 0.8 in a category with 5,000 installs.

If you calculate backward, you'll see that Bob's SDK has a total of 20,000 installs, while Carol's SDK has 4,000. 

SDK market share tells you if an SDK is popular in comparison to its competitors. It doesn't tell you the scale of the SDK's usage. 

What can you learn from SDK market share? 

SDK market share is extremely useful for several purposes, including: 

  • Competitor analysis: SDK market share helps you identify how an SDK is performing within an existing market. You can identify the major players at a glance and see who dominates a particular category. 
  • Trend analysis: Absolute number of installs won't always tell you what's happening in the SDK space. SDK market share can act as a better benchmark for SDK performance, as it shows how each devkit is performing in a market context. 

As with most stats, it's best to view SDK market share alongside other relevant stats. On the MightySignal web portal, you can view visual representations of both the SDK market share and SDK monthly installs stats. By combining these, you'll be able to identify the major trends within each category.

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