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What is an SDK Icon?

What is an SDK Icon?

The SDK Icon is a visual identifier that makes it easy to distinguish software development kits at a glance. An SDK Icon may include the logo of the publisher, a unique logo for the specific service, or a default logo generated by search engines. 

What is an SDK Icon?

An SDK Icon works in much the same as a favicon for a website. Favicons are the small images that appear in your bookmarks folder and next to the URL in your browser's address bar. The site owner designs these images and deploys them through their server.

SDK Icons are tiny images, typically 16x16 pixels and around 1 kilobyte in size. That's why they usually depict a very basic logo, or one or two characters of text. An SDK Icon, like a favicon, must be in the PNG, GIF, or ICO file format.

Who Defines the SDK Icon?

The SDK developer designs and deployed the SDK Icon. You'll see the same SDK Icon every time, regardless of the context in which the SDK is being used. When the SDK Team updates the visual identity of the package, the new image will filter through to users on the next update. MightySignal's SDK Icon data always shows the most recent version of the icon.

Google is the driving power behind the favicon process. Their Favicon Snatcher algorithm, part of the Google S2 library, is continuously scouring the internet for updates and new data, including new icons. When a new SDK Icon is uploaded, Google stores the image in its S2 cache. It is from this source that MightySignal obtains the latest SDK Icon version.

How to view an SDK Icon

SDK Icon is part of the information that MightySignal gathers about each SDK. You can view it in any of the following channels:

  • Web Portal: When you're viewing data in the web portal, you'll see the SDK Icon to the left of the SDK Name. The icon is visible in the majority of feeds, reports and alerts.
  • Data feeds: SDK Icons appear in the majority of data feeds, such as the App Details Feed and App Ranking Feed. You can also see SDK Icons in publicly available feeds, such as the Top iOS SDK feed and Top Android SDKs feed. The icon appears to the left of the SDK Name on these reports.
  • API call: You can retrieve an SDK icon's URL by performing an API call within code. This call returns a URL value that points to the location of the icon image file. This URL will generally point to Google's S2 cache, which guarantees a publically viewable image.  

Can I Change an SDK Icon?

Only the SDK Publisher can update an SDK icon. This means that there is visual continuity across all reports, so you will always see the same icon for each SDK, no matter the context. For example, if an app is using the Firebase SDK, you'll always see the familiar Firebase flame icon in your report.

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