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What is an SDK Website?

What is an SDK Website?

MightySignal’s app intelligence returns multiple URLs for each Software Development Kit (SDK). Some of these URLs point to various websites associated with the publisher or cloud service, but the URL in SDK Website refers specifically to the origin of the SDK itself.

SDK value is the address from which the developer downloaded the SDK. This is usually a site that SDK developers can easily update and access, which is why so many SDK Website values point to a GitHub address. By studying this field, you will understand where app developers go when they need to obtain documentation, support, and access to APIs for crucial services.

How do I obtain the SDK Website value?

MightySignal users can view the SDK website value for any public SDK by using the appropriate app intelligence tools. Depending on your favored approach, this may include:

  • Via the web portal: You can visit the web portal to see all information about any public SDK. Under the SDK section, you’ll find the URL for SDK Website. Note that this will likely differ from other visible URLs, such as Publisher Websites and Publisher Primary Website.
  • Via data feeds: You can configure your App Data Feeds to display the SDK Website for each SDK analyzed.
  • Via API calls: The MightySignal API allows you to retrieve SDK Website using your own code.

If you’re working with the MightySignal API, you can obtain SDK data with the following call:

GET /<platform>/sdk/<sdk_id> 

where <platform> is iOS or Android and <sdk_id> is the MightySignal id of the app in question. This call will return all SDK data, including the SDK website. The results usually look like this:

"website": "https://github.com/publisher/SDK"

Each of these methods will produce the same value, which should be a functioning URL. 

Where is the SDK website?

Most SDKs are hosted in one of two places:

  • Developer website: Larger publishers will typically create a dedicated website to host the latest version of their SDK. Here, developers can download the latest version, read documentation, and sometimes participate in discussion forums.
  • GitHub: GitHub is the de facto home of the world’s development projects, and here you’ll find the majority of smaller and specialist SDKs. Experimental and open-source projects also tend to live here. An advantage of GitHub is that you have full visibility of version history. This means that you can check to see the last time that the SDK was updated and examine previous versions.

The SDK website value should take you to the point of origin for that particular SDK. Here, you may occasionally see that there is a more recent version or that the SDK is no longer supported.

What happens if the SDK website link doesn’t work?

If the SDK website is unavailable, it may be a technical issue. Check later to see if the website is up.

If the link leads to a dead website or discontinued project, then that indicates that the SDK is obsolete. If so, then any apps relying on this SDK might see their functionality compromised, or they could even be vulnerable to security risks. The developers of such apps may need to reconsider their current infrastructure and look to a new SDK partner.

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