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Mobile Data Glossary

We've compiled a glossary of the top mobile app and SDK terms. Enjoy!

What is SDK Churn Rate?

Each SDK may gain or lose installs over a specified period of time. The percent of the SDK install base that gets uninstalled is what we call churn.  SDK Churn Rate shows the level of volatility...

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What Are SDK Current Installs?

Developers can install and uninstall SDKs at any time. The SDK current installs stat gives the total number of apps that have the SDK installed at this particular moment. You can view this data...

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What is an SDK Description?

When you view SDKs on the MightySignal site, you’ll usually see a brief description of what that SDK does. MightySignal creates these descriptions to give you a quick overview of what the kit does,...

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What is SDK Market Share?

SDK market share is the context that allows you to see how a particular SDK is performing in relation to its direct competitors. The MightySignal platform expresses the SDK market share stat as a...

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What's in an SDK name?

Each SDK has a name that indicates its publisher and function. The developer sets each SDK Name. However, these names are all verified by MightySignal, so the values you see will be accurate and...

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What is an SDK Icon?

The SDK Icon is a visual identifier that makes it easy to distinguish software development kits at a glance. An SDK Icon may include the logo of the publisher, a unique logo for the specific...

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What is an SDK Category?

To help navigate the world of Software Development Kits, MightySignal assigns a specific category to each SDK. These categories are descriptive terms that help you evaluate and compare...

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What is an SDK Website?

MightySignal’s app intelligence returns multiple URLs for each Software Development Kit (SDK). Some of these URLs point to various websites associated with the publisher or cloud service, but the...

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