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30x30by Frank T Yoder on Nov 27, 2017

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Sifting through millions of mobile apps to figure out which ones matter can feel overwhelming. Not only are apps constantly being updated and released, but they are also shifting in their audiences on a daily basis. It’s quite a daunting task if you’re in mobile SaaS, where focusing your sales and marketing resources on the right customers is crucial.

MightySignal’s mission is to make sense of the mobile ecosystem for businesses. We’re adding to our core data set today with Popular Apps, which focuses on changes in app rankings; that is, what apps are new to the charts, which are climbing, and which are dropping. With this data, you’ll be able to see apps with the largest deltas in user base, refreshed daily.

Briefly, the new product is split into 3 sections: Newcomers, Trending and Charts. These three sections aggregate and make sense of more than 40,000 app charts, made up of different permutations of categories, countries, grossing, and more. In each section, you can filter on any of these attributes.

Newcomers will show you apps that have entered any sort of Top App Chart on iOS or Android.

Apps that just entered a top chart on iOS and Android

Trending displays apps that have made significant jumps or drops in rankings.

Apps with largest deltas in ranking, either climbing or dropping

Lastly, Charts will show you raw charts from the App Store and Google Play.


You will find this new product from our main menu.


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