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MightySignal Upgrades MAU Data

MightySignal Upgrades MAU Data

Good news is on the horizon for MightySignal customers as we settle into our new home at Airnow Data, an expansive international company with offices in London, North America, Dubai and Japan. Airnow Data has tracked over 1 trillion downloads for more than 7 million mobile apps; their data is split across 94 categories, covering users from 58 countries, giving them market insights that are truly global. While back-end platform integrations take time, our engineering teams are already collaborating on ways we can mutually enhance our customers' product experience. 


Expanded MAU Data Now Available

As a result of our new partnership, we're pleased to announce one of the first new features we're rolling out is expanded MAU data. Already a leader in mobile app engagement metrics, Airnow has been able to release some of their usage intelligence data to us so we can share it with MightySignal's customers, and this is just the beginning: as of this week, we've added nearly 500,000 new apps' worth of MAU, and in the coming days, that number will rise, adding over 600,000 Android and 1.8 million iOS MAU data points to our database. MightySignal is now providing this new MAU data in its API, Web Portal, and Salesforce integration products.

What Is MAU? 

MAU (Monthly Active Users) is a key performance indicator that counts the number of unique users who have used an app within the past month. MAU helps to measure an app's general health, and can be a basis for calculating other company metrics. MAU is also useful when assessing how effective an app's marketing campaigns are, and getting a feel for both present and potential users' experience. Financial stakeholders often pay attention when companies report MAU, since it is a metric that can affect a company's stock price.

Where Does Our MAU Data Come From?

This monthly active user information is collected by Airnow Data through its extensive network of over 1,500 data partners. By partnering with app publishers, Airnow is able to gain broad insights into app activity and behavior, including MAU, DAU (daily active users) and ARPDAU (average revenue per daily active user). Airnow collects data directly from publisher accounts, and we have found it to be very accurate. Every additional partner contributes to the overall integrity of their algorithms, which allows Airnow to offer a comprehensive view of the app ecosystem that continues to grow with the market. In return, Airnow offers benefits to their data partners, such as access to the platform and the continuously improving aggregate insights they are helping to create. 

Mighty Improvements On The Way

The next several months are going to be an exciting time for MightySignal. If you're using our product now, we invite you to stick with us and enjoy the journey; we're planning to incrementally improve our offerings with new features and enhanced mobile industry insights along the way - all while continuing to offer the same accurate SDK intelligence, publisher info, and other data feeds you've come to rely on.


If you'd like to learn more about the recent acquisition, check our our FAQ
If you're an app publisher who is interested in the benefits of becoming an Airnow data partner, contact us today.

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