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Mobile SaaS Sales Defined

30x30by Frank T Yoder on May 02, 2017

In this post I’d like to define mobile SaaS, and in posts to follow, the unique aspects of selling mobile SaaS. Mobile has become the primary way people access the internet, with 2.5B+ smartphone users and growing. With that scale comes a broad spectrum of infrastructure and services to help mobile companies manage core functions like storing data, tracking analytics, monetizing, and more. Mobile SaaS is probably more often referred to as “mobile SDKs” (ie. Software Development Kits), but it’s not always the case (eg. server-side integrations, DSPs, ad agencies). In essence, mobile SaaS is any technology or service provided to mobile app companies — see here for a few popular examples. Many mobile SaaS technologies have direct analogs with web (eg. analytics, advertising), and many have evolved out of mobile’s unique abilities (eg. geo-fencing).

With this evolution of SaaS comes an evolution of selling. Mobile, in general, is fundamentally different, from how apps are built, how users are acquired, to how money is exchanged. Naturally, it follows that sales in mobile is fundamentally different. In the following posts, I’ll outline the unique aspects of mobile SaaS sales, like the customer personas, competition, and product. Looking forward to sharing and hearing your thoughts!

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