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Photoby Ryan Buckley on Jun 15, 2016

17,468 iOS apps were released 6/3–6/9.

A Few Highlights

T-Mobile released T-Mobile Tuesdays
Built on Kochava, Google Analytics, Facebook

T-Mobile also released T-Mobile Content Transfer
Built on Countly, Koloda, MagicalRecord, PLCrashReporter, Spark, Synchronoss

Google released Motion Stills
Built on PhotoSlider, Nimbus, and Google

Under Armour released UA Shop — Under Armour Performance Apparel, Shoes & Accessories
Built on Fabric, Card IO, Facebook, Swirl, Urban Airship, Adobe

Snaps Media released Cosmojis
Built on Fabric, Apptentive, Facebook, Flipboard, Parse, Promisekit, AFNetworking, Alamofire, Bolts

Microsoft released Microsoft Sprightly
Built on Hockey, RxSwift, Yap Database, CocoaLumberjack, GM Image Picker

ELEX Wireless, makers of Clash of Kings, released Clash of Queens
Built on Fabric, Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch, Chartboost, Facebook, Google Conversion Tracking, Helpshift, InMobi, Nanigans, OAuth, OpenUDID, Parse, Presentation, Tencent, Logger.

HP Enterprise released HC 380
Built on Square, React

Apps can have up to 70 SDKs embedded. We’ve chosen to highlight “interesting” SDKs, but many of these apps have more than what is listed. To get full SDK breakdowns, contact us at

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