As of April 30, all apps submitted to the App Store must be built using iOS 13 SDK or newer. Tech experts knew this change was coming but only received confirmation in early March 2020. This is an important heads up for anyone building in the iOS ecosystem, whether it's ...
There is little doubt mobile ad attribution software development kits offer invaluable insight into your ad campaigns. This class of SDK gives developers data on the customer journey that led to a conversion. That means fewer questions about the reasons behind the return on investment in an ad campaign.
ironSource  describes their new app as “app monetization done right.” Packed to the brim with useful features, many game developers agree. While many app marketers are familiar with the advertising benefits ironSource provides, this app has been developed with the game developer in mind.
The California Consumer Protections Act, (CCPA) will usher in a new turning point in the world of data privacy. It appears to be the next greatest development in data privacy protection laws since the sweeping impact of GDPR.