App development is stronger than ever and for good reason — the proliferation of versatile, powerful, and fully capable SDKs has made building mobile applications easier than ever before. See the Top 6 commonly installed SDKs and why they are so popular.
FaceApp is an AI-based face altering app for iOS and Android, that has received great press attention for its artificially intelligent data use. While its mass adoption fueled a meteoric rise through the rankings, it’s also been met with cries of concern about data privacy.
Parade is a full mobile advertising inspiration platform created in the same vein as our MightySignal ad intelligence software. Pulling from our database of over three years worth of mobile ad copy, we developed the Parade platform combining inspirational values that will spur your teams' synergy, technical practicality, savvy, and...
Facebook's move to blockchain has made great waves in the tech industry. Some see it as a negative, but developers are not so skeptical yet. The move to blockchain stimulates great possibility for revenue streams for developers.