Rising trade tensions between the United States and China over security issues are beginning to put stress on App and SDK developers. MightySignal dives into the issues surrounding the tensions and how it will affect developers.
Use data to identify quality leads and increase conversions. When you’re able to easily determine which companies are investing in mobile ads and which demographics they’re targeting, you can adjust your pitches accordingly to increase the chances they decide to do business with you.
What is the DrainerBot mobile ad-fraud operation? Oracle has discovered a new pattern in bot activity. The DrainerBot is a data and power vampire that slowly depletes your devices of battery life, while also exploiting their data. While this might sound only moderately to extremely irritating, there is a serious ...
With many excellent Android SDK tools and app categories available, selecting the right one for your app can present some challenges. To help you through this process, we put together our top picks for Android SDKs.