As more and more mobile app developers realize the benefits of location tracking SDKs, it’s no surprise that their adoption is growing as well. In this article, we’ll discuss the recent boom in location tracking SDKs, privacy concerns about their use, and what developers should consider when using SDKs in their mobile apps.
2019 saw the rise of some fantastic free apps for both iOS and Android marketplaces. Monetization SDKs are perhaps the most popular category of SDKs in the mobile market. Which developers control the most substantial portion of the monetization SDK market share?
With over 124,000 apps currently using mobile Payment SDKs, the adoption of these mobile SDKs has grown alongside the market for mobile devices. So what are the best mobile Payment SDKs available for Android and iOS? Who are the most prominent players? How does this market look for the future?
Mobile analytics is the practice of collecting and analyzing data about your mobile app in order to gauge user behavior. One of the most important metrics in mobile analytics is MAU (monthly active users). In this article, we’ll discuss MAU as a key performance indicator for your mobile app and how it should impact your sales process