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Slackiq — A Ruby gem that connects Slack and Sidekiq

Slackiq — A Ruby gem that connects Slack and Sidekiq

At MightySignal, we love Sidekiq because it allows us to write Ruby code to define and queue millions of workers across our servers. As our backgrounding tech became more complicated, however, we ran into a significant issue: we had no idea when Sidekiq batches were finishing or when and why workers were breaking. Meanwhile, like many other companies, we’ve been using Slack to great success as a beautiful way for our team to communicate effectively. It turns out that we were able to solve our problem by creating Slackiq, a Ruby gem which integrates Sidekiq and Slack so that you can have vital information about your Sidekiq jobs sent directly to your team’s Slack.

Setting up Slackiq is easy.

  • Create one or more incoming webhooks in Slack.
  • Point to those webhooks in an initializer.
  • Call Slackiq.notify while your Sidekiq code is running or after it finishes.

The notification sent to your Slack will look something like this:

Slackiq Data Feed

Slackiq has become an invaluable part of our stack. The first key use case for us is merely knowing that our batches have finished — and knowing how successful they were. The second use case is that we use Slackiq in the middle of complicated jobs to notify us of specific errors for which we’re on the lookout. The best part is that it pushes these notifications directly to Slack, which is already part of our workflow.

Check out the Slackiq GitHub page more info, and feel free to give feedback and contribute to the project!

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Posted by Jason Lew (Co-Founder & CTO)

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