Business Intelligence
Examine your market holistically to inform high-level strategies.

Track Your Competitors
Constantly have an eye on what your competitors are doing across the entire mobile market. Know what types of customers they're signing, know how fast they're growing, and know when new competitors arise.

Find Gaps in the Market
Using MightySignal for Business Intelligence, you can spot gaps in the market that no one else can see. Then, you can create high-level strategies to attack those gaps and profit. For example, you could discover through MightySignal data that a certain type of app that you weren't aware before is an great fit to buy your product, and you can have your sales and marketing teams immediately target that customer profile.

Predict the Future
Not only can you use MightySignal data to see past and current market trends, but you can also build intelligent models to predict the future of the mobile market. This will allow you to plan out your go-to-market strategies months or years in advance.

How to Implement Mighty BI
In order to harness the power of MightySignal data for your BI strategies, the MightySignal API and the MightySignal Data Feed are perfect for accessing the data at scale so that you can have intelligence into the entire mobile market.