The Mightiest Data
The Most Accurate and Real-Time Mobile App Data

Data Engineering DNA
We're experts in gathering mobile data. Our engineering team has years of deep expertise building performant data systems. Our engineers come from backgrounds including Apple (iPhone team), Amazon, Facebook, AppNexus, Princeton, UC Berkeley, Duke, and Cornell.

Our Data is Real-Time
The mobile industry in constantly in flux, so it's critical that data be available at a moment's notice. We've built a high-performance backend that can find mobile data--on command.

Our Data is Accurate
Not only is our data real-time, but it's also accurate. When you're using data to make important business decision, it's of the utmost important for it to be correct. We've dedicated much engineering effort to build intelligent systems that classify data correctly.

Our Data is Scalable
Building an infrastructure which scales across millions of apps and types of data is a technically difficult problem. Luckily, we've been able to solve it, using advanced technologies like self-healing servers, machine learning, and advanced data pipelines.