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SDK Data + Salesforce

Enable ABM4M (Account Based Marketing for Mobile)

Enable ABM4M
MightySignal's Salesforce integration unlocks the power ofABM4M (Account Based Marketing for Mobile).Once you install our Salesforce Integration, you'll be able to use ABM4M to power all go-to-market functions of your business.

Supercharge Account Objects
Hydrate your Account objects in Salesforce with the most important data on the mobile market. You'll be able to know all apps that belong to a given Account. In addition, you'll have an Account-level view of SDK makeup of all apps belonging to the Account. This data is highly actionable and available in Salesforce, where your whole team can act on it.

Reporting with MightySignal Data
Run Salesforce reports with MightySignal data. For example, you can run a report on any account with apps using a certain SDK. You can do anything you can do normally with Salesforce reports--such as adding a report to a dashboard or having the report emailed to you on a regular basis.

If your team is using the Web Portal and they come upon apps that they want to add to Salesforce, all they have to do is click the Export button.

Any Accounts and Leads that you already have in your Salesforce will be automatically synced with MightySignal data. If an Account or Lead releases a new app, it'll be automatically added to Salesforce. If any SDK data changes for any of the Accounts or Leads, it will be automatically updated in Salesforce. MightySignal's accurate, real-time data will be constantly synced with your Salesforce.