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Go Way Above C-level
With Mobile Market Insights

C-level insights and board materials take a long time to make. Often you need to compile data from disparate sources. With MightySignal, data for the entire mobile industry is available in a single platform, providing unmatched value to your corporate executives as they view the global ecosystem from 30,000 feet.

No compilation necessary

Custom reporting options allow you to combine, mix and match, and automate the production of mobile market datasets on a monthly or quarterly basis. Our engineers will meet your specifications, whether it's a reporting format (CSV or JSON), a frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly), or aggregated data (historical roll-ups, aggregate functions, and more). We will deliver accurate data to you on spec whenever you need it.

Trends over time

Most corporate board decks have a lot of time series charts, and most mobile data providers only provide current snapshots. MightySignal tracks data series over time, going back years, allowing you to see market share, download, ranking, and installation trends by month or by quarter. We'll present the data to you in a format that will allow your team to quickly make board reports that will make you the shining star of the portfolio.

Built for BI

There's a reason that the business intelligence (BI) software market has taken off over the last few years: CEOs love it. The corporate leaders of today are more tech-savvy, have deeper database knowledge, and enjoy using computers much more than the previous generation of leaders. BI tools give C-level executives the ability to explore large, complex datasets without any programming interfaces to get in their way. MightySignal's feeds are made for BI platforms. With regular updates, your CEO can get a snapshot of the entire mobile market delivered straight to their BI account. From there, they can export to the board materials.

Unbelievable value

We don't charge extra for board reporting, but we probably should. MightySignal customers use C-level insights to make acquisitions, investments, divestments, and spin-offs. These insights are so powerful and unique that a single insight could generate millions of dollars of wealth. But we offer it at a simple flat fee per feed, because we're in the business of helping you succeed and make better decisions. That's what's valuable to us.

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