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MightySignal has been collecting mobile market data for half a decade. Since MightySignal was founded by data scientists and engineers, its data feeds and APIs are built with engineers in mind. We've tracked both Android and iOS stores since 2014, and we can easily build custom feeds to match your schema and update frequency requirements. Worldwide mobile data is constantly refreshed and aggregated into feeds and APIs.

Key financial indicators for the Fortune 1000

The largest companies in the world produce mobile apps and release them in the iTunes and Google Play stores. These companies include Amazon, Google, Adobe, Facebook, and Twitter. Their success on mobile devices mirrors their success elsewhere, and often can be a leading indicator of earnings.

Many of the largest mobile app developers also produce wildly popular SDKs. Facebook is an obvious example. The presence of an SDK in a growing number of apps and the share of market it has in its category is another unique dataset that financial engineers can build into their models.

Proprietary longitudinal mobile market share data

MightySignal is the only mobile app data provider with current and historical SDK market share. Our proprietary systems track the largest set of SDKs across the largest cohort of mobile apps. This allows us to understand the penetration of both the head and the long tail of SDKs and SDK installs.

The value to our financial customers is tremendous. We can spot insurgent SDK growth. A small startup might catch fire and become the fastest-growing SDK in the market. We'll catch it first because we scan for the most SDKs across the most apps.

If your financial modeling team needs the best data, MightySignal is it.

A data feed for every need

MightySignal data feeds are compressed JSON or CSV files that are easy to consume in Python, Ruby, or a language of your choice. If you find that you need a specific combination of data in a single feed, our team can produce a custom data feed to match your requirements. Our flexible custom feed system allows us to run updates as frequently as you like, whether that's every 15 minutes or just once per quarter.

We love working with other data engineers, in fact, and would be delighted to chat with your team about how we can best serve them our comprehensive mobile datasets.

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