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With SDK Intelligence

Our platform was made with salespeople in mind. Using our dataset of Android and iOS apps that we have been tracking since 2014, you can easily run prospect reports to generate new leads, set up alerts to monitor prospects and competition, or populate your CRM with our key data points to improve sales conversations.

Prospect and qualify leads using our real-time App and SDK intelligence

You can easily run reports to find leads based on KPIs that matter to you. The data is always returned instantly, and with our proprietary Live Scan feature, the data can be refreshed in real-time. Stay one step ahead of the competition with accurate, instant data.

MightySignal reports can be set up to monitor your competitors' install and uninstall activity across the entire Android and iOS markets. This will give you a real-time look into who is thinking about your solutions, giving you a virtual fast lane through your sales funnel.

Contact the hard-to-find decision makers with our include publisher contact info

We designed our platform with sales and marketing teams in mind. MightySignal provides companies with contact info for 10M+ employees at mobile app companies, in addition to the intel on user acquisition, downloads, advertising, and the SDKs they're are using.

With our platform, you can prospect, qualify, and contact the right publisher employees by using our directory to get their names, emails, LinkedIn profiles, and titles. Having the contact information for decision makers at their fingertips helps our clients get 30% more qualified leads, win 20% more deals and achieve a 25% higher average deal value.

We developed our system to seamlessly integrate with SFDC. Let MightySignal hydrate your Account objects in Salesforce with the most critical mobile market data. That means you'll be able to see all apps that belong to a given Account, as well as an Account-level view of all their data, including:

  • Downloads Downloads
  • SDK Intelligence SDK Intelligence
  • Publisher details and contacts Publisher details and contacts
  • App Count App Count

The largest and most accurate mobile SDK intelligence dataset

When app developers install new SDKs, we’re able to identify those changes in real-time and provide your team with actionable intel that helps them win more deals, prevent churn, and increase LTV.

By providing teams with one platform for all their mobile app and SDK data and intelligence needs, we’ve seen our customers consistently win more deals and achieve a new level of growth.

Our custom reporting system and Live Scan feature will help you uncover new prospects and understand your market. These reports can be set up to monitor your competitors' install and uninstall activities, giving you a real-time view for mobile apps and 10k+ SDKs. You'll know what type of customers your competitors are signing up, how fast they are growing, and when new opportunities arise.

Accurate and real-time mobile app intelligence

With over 14 million apps tracked on both iOS and Android marketplaces, in over 155 countries, we have the data you need to win new deals worldwide. Our system is constantly monitoring these markets for new apps to be queued for downloaded and added to our dataset to ensure fresh intel.

With our proprietary “Live Scan” technology you can skip this line and get the app intelligence on demand in real-time. Give your sales team the ability to beat the competition with valuable lead time that can make the difference between a win and a missed opportunity.

Mobile app and SDK alerts

Monitoring important apps and SDKs has never been easier. Our Timeline alert system does the heavy lifting and keeps you current with actionable alerts.

You can set this system to follow the apps and SDKs that matter to you and provide you with alerts whenever changes happen. Get notified when a new version of an app is released or an SDK is installed or uninstalled from an app. You can even track churn, see who is replacing you, or identify trends in the market and act on them before your customers are impacted.

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