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Most Used SDKs in Top 200 Free Android Apps

Report last updated 5 months ago.


Crossbar.Io 2 Apps (1% of Top 200) is connecting distributed applications - such as in the Internet-of-Things. With FX, you are offered a range of software and services which extend the functionality of the open source message router and support its use in enterprise deployments.
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Salesforce Audience Studio 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Audience Studio adds robust data management tools to the world’s most complete CRM platform. Audience Studio identiies more prospects, and get the right message in front of engaged audiences at the right moment.
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AWS Android 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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Facebook AccountKit 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Account Kit lets people quickly register for and login to your app by using just their phone number or email address — no password needed. Account Kit is reliable, easy to use and gives you a choice about how you sign up for apps.
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Nativo 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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WeChat 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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SQL Cipher 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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Tencent 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Tencent provides Internet, mobile and telecom services and online advertising. Tencent's API gives developers access to the data and functionality of it's microblogging service.
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Hockey 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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bmw Android 2 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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UMeng 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Umeng is an advertisement library that is bundled with certain Android applications. Umeng is a Beijing-based startup providing mobile app analytics solutions for mobile development teams and individual developers.
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Jumio 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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Pushwoosh 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Pushwoosh lets you engage with customers and raise conversion rates in your applications with new digital marketing strategies. Pushwoosh combines push notifications with other communication channels to increase revenue and user LTV. A free trial is avaiable to give a better understanding via the company home page.

Alipay 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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Sina 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

The Sina blog platform provides you the oportunity to develop iOSapplications with this SDk. The blog platform offers you release notes and a full kit of Xcode tools, compilers and frameworks that allow you the opportunity to develop for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS6.
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Kakao 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Kakao is a developer environment for staging applications. Kakao offers API integrations with realtime observation of analytics of applications. The platform offers 100 million users guaranteed on.
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Paytm 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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Usebutton 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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Carnival 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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Spotxchange 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

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