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Social SDKs in Top 200 Free Android Apps

  1. Google Plus Google Plus 10 Apps (5% of Top 200)

    • 65. Duolingo: Learn Languages Free
    • 133. Google Earth
    • 119. dfndr security: antivirus, anti-hacking & cleaner
    • 52. Zillow: Find Houses for Sale & Apartments for Rent
    • 90. Poshmark - Buy & Sell Fashion
    • 16. McDonald's
  2. Twitter Tweet Composer Twitter Tweet Composer 8 Apps (4% of Top 200)

    Twitter Kit is designed to make interacting with Twitter seamless and efficient. Displaying Tweets, logging someone in, or Tweeting from your app is all made easy with Twitter Kit's components. Twitter Kit provides views for Tweets and live timelines, and a composer that makes sharing from your app simple with a few lines of code.

    • 61. CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder
    • 185. Taco Bell - For Our Fans
    • 102. Ticketmaster-Buy, Sell Tickets to Concerts, Sports
    • 2. TikTok
    • 45. Hopper - Book Flights
    • 58. BIGO LIVE–Live Stream, Live Chat, Go Live
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  4. VK VK 4 Apps (2% of Top 200)

    The VK SDK is a iOSlibrary for working with VK API, authorization through VK app, using VK functions. To authorize via VK App you need to setup a url-schema for your application, which looks like vk+APP_ID (e.g. vk1234567).

    • 21. SHEIN - The Hottest Trends & Fashion
    • 124. Alibaba.com - Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace
    • 2. TikTok
    • 58. BIGO LIVE–Live Stream, Live Chat, Go Live
  5. Noknok Noknok 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

    • 121. Mint: Track Expenses & Save
    • 10. PayPal Mobile Cash: Send and Request Money Fast
    • 18. Venmo
  6. Spotify Spotify 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

    The Spotify iOSSDK allows your iOSapplication to authenticate users, as well as interact and always stay in sync with the main Spotify application running on the user’s device in the background. For the SDK to work the iOSdevice must be on iOS9 or higher and the Spotify app must be downloaded to the device.

    • 153. Earn Cash & Money Rewards - CURRENT Music Screen
  7. Twitter4J Twitter4J 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

    Twitter4J is an unofficial Java library for the Twitter API. With Twitter4J, you can easily integrate your Java application with the Twitter service. Twitter4J is an unofficial library.

    • 92. Pandora - Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts
  8. Addlive Addlive 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

    • 12. Snapchat
  9. Periscope Periscope 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

    • 47. Twitter
  10. Pinterest Pinterest 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

    Pinterest helps you easily integrate your iOSapps with Pinterest. It allows you make authentications and requests on behalf of the users.

    • 124. Alibaba.com - Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace
  11. LinkedIn LinkedIn 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

    The LinkedIn mobile SDK for iOSdecreases your app's time to market by providing out-of-box support for LinkedIn natively inside your iOSapplications, saving you time to work on the unique parts of your application that matter the most. The LinkedIn SDK provides single sign-on (SSO) authentication, in conjunction with the official LinkedIn mobile application, a convenient wrapper for making authenticated calls to LinkedIn's REST APIs, deeplinking to additional member content in the official LinkedIn iOSapp, and a sample application that demonstrates all of the SDK's features.

    • 124. Alibaba.com - Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace

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