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UI SDKs in Top 200 Free iOS Apps

Report last updated about 16 hours ago.


SVG Kit 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

SVGKit allows the displaying and interacting of SVG Images on iOS/ OS X, using native rendering. SVGKit is a Cocoa framework which allows for fast and powerful native rendering.

Gradient View 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

GradientView is a simple UIView wrapper around CGGradient. GradientView is tested on iOS8 and compatible with swift version 3.0

HP Growing Text View 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

HP GrowingText View is a UITextView which grows/shrinks with the text and starts scrolling when the content reaches a certain number of lines. HP GrowingText View is similar to the one Apple uses in the SMS-app and comes with a prepackaged sample to bolster understanding.

Player 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

Player is a simple iOSvideo player library designed in swift. Player is easily applicable as you can simply copy the Player.swift file into your Xcode project.

TP Keyboard Avoiding 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

TPkeyboardAvoiding is an open source pluggin that enables the moving of text fields out of the way of the keyboard in iOS. TPKeyboardAvoiding should work with basically any setup, either a UITableView-based interface, or one consisting of views placed manually. It also automatically hooks up "Next" buttons on the keyboard to switch through the text fields.

To Crop View Controller 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

TOCropViewController is an open-source UIViewController subclass to crop out sections of UIImage objects, as well as perform basic rotations. It was designed with the iOSPhotos app editor in mind, and should be easy to operate for iOSusers.

CM Pop Tip View 4 Apps (2% of Top 200)

CMPopTipView creates a custom UIView for iOSpop up ads. Two animation options are available for when a CMPopTipView is presented: "slide" and "pop".

Marquee Label 4 Apps (2% of Top 200)

MarqueeLabel is a UILabel subclass that adds a scrolling marquee effect when the text of the label outgrows the available width with the provision specifying scrolling direction and speed. Marquee Label is compatible with both iOSand tvOS, and currently works with Swift 5.0 and the iOS12.2 SDK with maintenance done solely on swift.

MB Circular Progress Bar 4 Apps (2% of Top 200)

MBCircularProgressBar is a circular, animatable & highly customizable progress bar from the Interface Builder (Objective-C). MBCircularProgressBar can be easily implemented into your iOSapplications via cocoapods.

UI Counting Label 4 Apps (2% of Top 200)

UICountingLabel adds a animated counting support to UILabels. You can intialize UICountingLabel like you would any other UILabel.

BS Keyboard Controls 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

BSKeyboardControls makes it easy to add an input accessory view above the keyboard which allows to go to the previous and next text fields as well as close the keyboard. Much like it is seen in Safari on iOS. BSKeyboardControls is iPhone and iPad compatible, requires iOS5+, and uses ARC.

DA Circular Progress 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

DACircularProgress originally built to serve as an imitation of Facebooks photo progression is a UIView subclass with circular UIProgressView properties. DACircularProgress is compatible with iOS5.0+ devices and was made with ARC enabled by default

FX Blur View 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

FXBlurView is a UIView subclass that replicates the iOS7 realtime background blur effect, but works on iOS5 and above.

GR Mustache Swift 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

Flexible Mustache templates for Swift.

HM Segmented Control 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

HM Segmented Control developed by Hesham Megid is a drop-in replacement for UISegmentedControl. HM Segmented Control mimicks the Google experience and duplicates it to IOS.

JV Float Labeled Text Field 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

JVFloatLabeledTextField is a UI component library, which includes both a UITextField and UITextView subclass. It helps developers improve their users experience by having placeholders transition into floating labels that hover above the fields after they are populated with text.

MG Swipe Table Cell 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

MG SwipeTableCell is an easy to use UITableViewCell subclass that allows to display swipeable buttons with a variety of transitions. The MG SwipeTableCell library is compatible with all the different ways to create a UITableViewCell such as system predefined styles, programmatically created cells, cells loaded from a xib and prototype cells within a storyboard with the option to use autolayout.

MS Alert Controller 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

MSAlertController is possible you to use AlertController in iOS7.

MW Photo Browser 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

MWPhotoBrowser is an iOSphoto and video browser that offers users the opportunity view multiple images or videos by providing either UIImage objects, PHAsset objects, or URLs to library assets, web images/videos or local files. MWPhotoBrowser handles the downloading and caching of photos from the web seamlessly with the option for photos to be zoomed and panned, and optional (customisable) captions to be displayed.

Progress Hud 3 Apps (2% of Top 200)

ProgressHUD is a sleek and easy-to-use heads up display for for iOS, it is written in Objective-C. ProgressHUD works on iOS8 and up and requires Xcode 6 and ARC.