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Most Used SDKs in Top 200 Free iOS Apps

Report last updated about 2 hours ago.


Adjust 30 Apps (15% of Top 200)

Adjust is a mobile marketing management tool that unifies all marketing activities within a business into one platform. Adjust can intergrate with over 2,000 different ad networks spanning across multiple platforms including web, mobile and TV.

MB Progress Hud 30 Apps (15% of Top 200)

MBProgressHUD is an iOSdrop-in class that displays a translucent HUD with an indicator or labels while work is being done in a background thread. The HUD is meant as a replacement for the undocumented, private UI kit, UIProgressHUD, with some additional features.

Pinterest 28 Apps (14% of Top 200)

Pinterest helps you easily integrate your iOSapps with Pinterest. It allows you make authentications and requests on behalf of the users.

React Native 28 Apps (14% of Top 200)

React Native is an open source Javascript (ECMA) library that allows for the development of mobile apps. React Native uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI using declarative components.

TTT Attributed Label 28 Apps (14% of Top 200)

TTTAttributedLabel was created to be a drop-in replacement for UILable. TTTAttributedLabel provides a simple API to styling text with NSAttributedString while remaining performant added bonuses of supporting link embedding.

Firebase Cloud Messaging 27 Apps (14% of Top 200)

Firebase Cloud Messaging provides a reliable and efficient connection between servers and devices, allowing for the delivery and reception of messages on mobile devices. This cross-platform messaging solution lets app developers reliably deliver messages to app users at no cost.

Nimbus 26 Apps (13% of Top 200)

Nimbus is a toolkit for experienced iOSsoftware designers. Nimbus provides well-documented, modular components that solve a number of common iOSsoftware requirements. This pluggin has comes with features such as web view controllers, simpler approach to table models, standardized interapp communication and powerful debugging tools to name a few.

Pin Cache 26 Apps (13% of Top 200)

PINCache is a fast, thread safe, parallel object cache for iOS, tvOS, and OS X. It is a key/value store designed for temporary objects that are expensive to reproduce, such as downloaded data or the results of slow processing.

Braze 25 Apps (13% of Top 200)

The Braze platform makes messages feel more like conversations between you and your customers across channels like push, email, in-app, and more. Braze is designed to fit easily within any technology ecosystem be it mobile or web.

ReactiveX (Swift) 25 Apps (13% of Top 200)

Reactive X is the swift implementation of the Reactive programming language. Reactive X (RX) is a generic abstraction of computation expressed through the Observable <Element> interface. It is a extension for .Net

IG List Kit 25 Apps (13% of Top 200)

IGListKit is a data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists. IGListKit requires Xcode 9.0+, iOS8.0+, tvOS 9.0+, and MacOS 10.11+.

Async Socket 24 Apps (12% of Top 200)

Async Socket is a TCP/IP socket networking library, designed to efficiently handle packet data. The library is in two files and one public Cocoa class. Async socket is networking library for Mac and iOS.

Google Plus by muyexi 24 Apps (12% of Top 200)

GooglePlus allows users to sign in and share with Google+ from third-party apps. The SDK also provides Google+ APIs for the app to access the list of people in user-selected circles and to read and write user's app activities.

Pop 23 Apps (12% of Top 200)

An extensible iOSand OS X animation library.Useful for physics based interactions. Appears to be designed by Facebook employees, though no official website is listed on the GitHub handle that is apparent.

Reachability 23 Apps (12% of Top 200)

Reachability is an ARC and GCD compatible Reachability Class for iOSand MacOS. Reachability is a drop in replacement for Apple Reachability and uses GCD methods to notify on network interface changes.

ReactiveX (Cocoa) 23 Apps (12% of Top 200)

Reactive X is the swift implementation of the Reactive programming language. Reactive X (RX) is a generic abstraction of computation expressed through the Observable <Element> interface.

Onevcat 23 Apps (12% of Top 200)

OneV's Den is a chinese developer that specialises in the developement of iOSapplications. has a plethora of SDKs available to developers, mostly availabel via a github repo.

Google Cast 22 Apps (11% of Top 200)

The Google Cast SDK enables you to extend your Android, iOS, or Chrome app to direct its streaming video and audio to a TV or sound system.

Amplitude 21 Apps (11% of Top 200)

Amplitude helps you understand your users, rapidly release better product experiences, and grow your business. Amplitude offers much needed product Intelligence for Impact Driven Teams.

MoPub 21 Apps (11% of Top 200)

The Mobup SDK offers users an accessible and flexible monetization solution. Mobup SDK 4.16 and above integrates technology from Integral Ad Science and Moat in order to support viewability measurement and other proprietary reporting provided by both parties to their advertisers and publisher clients.