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Backend SDKs in Top 200 Free iOS Apps

Report last updated about 10 hours ago.


Swinject 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Swinject is a lightweight dependency injection framework for Swift. Dependency injection (DI) is a software design pattern that implements Inversion of Control (IoC) for resolving dependencies. In the pattern, Swinject helps your app split into loosely-coupled components, which can be developed, tested and maintained more easily. Swinject is powered by the Swift generic type system and first class functions to define dependencies of your app simply and fluently.

Twitter Text 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Twitter-text is an Objective-C port of the twitter-text handling libraries. Twitter-text supports OS X 10.7+ and iOS4+, both ARC and non-ARC environments.

Zomato 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)