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Most Used SDKs in Top 200 Free iOS Apps

Report last updated about 8 hours ago.


Swifty (User Defaults) 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

SwiftyUserDefaults makes user defaults enjoyable to use by combining expressive Swifty API with the benefits of static typing. SwiftyUserDefaults defines your keys in one place, use value types easily, and get extra safety and convenient compile-time checks for free.

SW Reveal View Controller 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

SWRevealViewController is a UIViewController subclass for revealing a rear (left and/or right) view controller behind a front controller. SWRevealViewController is lightweight, clean, easy-to-read, self-documenting code.

SW Table View Cell 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

SW TableView Cell is an easy-to-use UITableViewCell subclass that implements a swippable content view which exposes utility buttons (similar to iOS7 Mail Application). SW TableView makes provision for custom table view cells.

Tapdaq 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Tapdaq recently acquired by tapjoy helps mobile developers to maximise their revenue with unbiased ad mediation, and retain their most valuable users through powerful cross promotion campaigns. Tapdaq provides app developers with the easiest and most efficient way of mediating premium demand partners. Leave monetisation on autopilot, or take advantage of direct network deals, Tapdaq provides a powerful set of server-side features that are trusted by thousands of the world's top publishers.

SY Paginator 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Simple paging scroll view to make complicated tasks easier.

Table Service 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

The Table service offers structured storage in the form of tables. The Table service API is a REST API for working with tables and the data that they contain.

Tencent 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Tencent provides Internet, mobile and telecom services and online advertising. Tencent's API gives developers access to the data and functionality of it's microblogging service.

TaskQueue 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Task management made easy, bounce tasks between main thread and background threads like a pro

TI Token Field 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

TITokenField is an iOSversion of the NSTokenField (See To: field in Mail and Messages). TITokenField is limited at the moment to one tokenising field and a content view below because it's pulled straight from one of my apps. Multiple field support also require tweaking.

Transition Kit 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

Transition Kit is an Objective-C library for elegantly implementing state machines. Transition Kit is full-featured, completely documented, and very thoroughly unit tested. State machines are a great way to manage complexity in your application and TransitionKit provides you with an elegant API for implementing state machines in your next iOSor Mac OS X application.

Tutu Cloud 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

TutuCloud is a platoform that offers Image, short video, and Live SDK support for your iOSapplications. TutuCloud is a great option when looking into face ID, camera, and other security centric integrations into your applications.

TS Messages 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

TSMessages is a library provides an easy to use class to show little notification views on the top of the screen. TSMessages provides 4 different notification banners that are already set up for you: Success, Error, Warning, and Message.

TT Open IN App Activity 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

TTOpenInAppActivity is a UIActivity subclass that provides an "Open In ..." action to a UIActivityViewController. TTOpenInAppActivity uses ARC and requires iOS6.

UA Obfuscated String 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

A simple NSMutableString subclass to hide sensitive strings from appearing in your binary

TW Reverse Auth 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

TWReverseAuth is a OAuth for Twitter using reverse auth and ACAccount in case your server needs to talk to twitter as well. TWReverseAuth is opensource and accessible via its github repo.

UA Filterable Results Controller 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

UAFilterableResultsController is an implementation of a NSFetchedResultsController-style pattern using NSMutableArray as the backing store instead of Core Data. UAFilterableResultsController provides methods for manipulation and filtering of the store.

UI Alert View +Blocks 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

UIAlertView+Blocks is a category on UIAlertView to use inline block callbacks instead of delegate callbacks. UIAlertView was created in a time before blocks, ARC, and judging by its naming – touch screens too.

UI Collection View Right Aligned Layout 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

A layout for UICollectionView that aligns the cells to the right.

THE Amazing Audio Engine 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

TheAmazingAudioEngine is a sophisticated framework for iOSaudio applications.

THE Sidebar Controller 1 Apps (1% of Top 200)

TheSidebarController is a container view controller that manages 3 main view controllers namely - contentViewController, leftSidebarController and the rightSidebarController. This kit can be installed by dragging and droping TheSidebarController folder into your project. Add #import "TheSidebarController.h" to all view controllers that need to use it.