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Most Used SDKs in Top 200 Free iOS Apps

Report last updated about 7 hours ago.


Tweaks 7 Apps (4% of Top 200)

Tweaks is an easy way to fine-tune, and adjust parameters for iOSapps in development. Tweaks offers you that much needed easy chnage when you notice minor bugs or programme defaults when testing your applications.

Smaato 7 Apps (4% of Top 200)

Smaato offers the benefit to Integrate your account with major SDK-enabled ad networks you’re already working with and diversify your demand to increase revenue. Smaato SDK is available opensource with higher eCPMs, reduced latency, and moat viewability measurement some of the benefits to enjoy on using this pluggin.

Inneractive 7 Apps (4% of Top 200)


Amazon AD 7 Apps (4% of Top 200)

Amazong AD is an API tool used in synchronizing ADs into your applications. Amazon ADS is available via the Amazon developer toolkit and with the option to include latitude and longtitude coordinates, so as to configure the Amazon Mobile Ads to provide these values to the Amazon Mobile Ad Network as part of an ad request.

ironSource 7 Apps (4% of Top 200)

ironSource builds technologies that help app developers take their apps to the next level, including the industry’s largest in-app video network, a robust mobile ad mediation platform, and a data-driven user acquisition platform. ironSource offers you means to monetize your applications through AD campaigns.

AM Pop Tip 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

AMPopTip is an animated popover that pops out of a frame. In AMPopTip you can specify the direction of the popover and the arrow that points to its origin with colors, border radius and fonts easily being customized. This popover can be used to leave subtle hints about your UI and provide fun looking onboarding popups.

Aspects 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

Aspects is a delightful, simple library for aspect oriented programming by @steipete. Aspects allows you to add code to existing methods per class or per instance, whilst thinking of the insertion point e.g. before/instead/after. Aspects automatically deals with calling super and is easier to use than regular method swizzling.

Brightcove Player 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

Brightcove Player helps developers create native apps for playing video content on iOSdevices. Brightcove runs on iOS9.3 and up to the current iOS12.

DA Circular Progress 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

DACircularProgress originally built to serve as an imitation of Facebooks photo progression is a UIView subclass with circular UIProgressView properties. DACircularProgress is compatible with iOS5.0+ devices and was made with ARC enabled by default

comScore-iOS-SDK 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

Designed to provide complete usage reporting about the application lifecycle.

Google Interchange Utilities 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

GoogleInterchangeUtilities is a shared interchange utility methods for Google libraries.

HP Growing Text View 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

HP GrowingText View is a UITextView which grows/shrinks with the text and starts scrolling when the content reaches a certain number of lines. HP GrowingText View is similar to the one Apple uses in the SMS-app and comes with a prepackaged sample to bolster understanding.

Instabug 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

Instabug helps maximize the test environment and success of your application by offering In-App Feedback and Bug Reporting for your mobile applications. Instabug assists you by gathering comprehensive feedback from your beta testers and also having live conversations with your users.

JL Routes 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

JLRoutes is a URL routing library with a simple block-based API. It is designed to make it very easy to handle complex URL schemes in your application with minimal code. JLRoutes 2.x require iOS8.0+ or macOS 10.10+with support for iOS7 and macOS 10.9 in version 1.6.4.

JSQ Web View Controller 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

JSQ Web View Controller is a lightweight Swift WebKit view controller for iOS. As of iOS9, this library is no longer necessary. Instead, SFSafariViewController should be used. It includes Safari features such as Reader, AutoFill, Fraudulent Website Detection, and content blocking.

Marquee Label 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

MarqueeLabel is a UILabel subclass that adds a scrolling marquee effect when the text of the label outgrows the available width with the provision specifying scrolling direction and speed. Marquee Label is compatible with both iOSand tvOS, and currently works with Swift 5.0 and the iOS12.2 SDK with maintenance done solely on swift.

MW Photo Browser 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

MWPhotoBrowser is an iOSphoto and video browser that offers users the opportunity view multiple images or videos by providing either UIImage objects, PHAsset objects, or URLs to library assets, web images/videos or local files. MWPhotoBrowser handles the downloading and caching of photos from the web seamlessly with the option for photos to be zoomed and panned, and optional (customisable) captions to be displayed.

NYT Photo Viewer 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

NYTPhotoViewer is a slideshow and image viewer that includes double-tap to zoom, captions, support for multiple images, interactive flick to dismiss, and animated zooming presentation among other features. NYTPhotoViewer is easy to use with the option for more complicated customization when needed through a delegate relationship.

Pure Layout 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

PureLayout is an API for iOSand OS X auto layout that is simple, immensely powerful. Objective-C and Swift compatible. PureLayout provides a fully capable and developer-friendly interface for Auto Layout.