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UI SDKs in Top 200 Free iOS Apps

Report last updated about 8 hours ago.


JSQ Web View Controller 38 Apps (19% of Top 200)

JSQ Web View Controller is a lightweight Swift WebKit view controller for iOS. As of iOS9, this library is no longer necessary. Instead, SFSafariViewController should be used. It includes Safari features such as Reader, AutoFill, Fraudulent Website Detection, and content blocking.

MB Progress Hud 23 Apps (12% of Top 200)

MBProgressHUD is an iOSdrop-in class that displays a translucent HUD with an indicator or labels while work is being done in a background thread. The HUD is meant as a replacement for the undocumented, private UI kit, UIProgressHUD, with some additional features.

TTT Attributed Label 16 Apps (8% of Top 200)

TTTAttributedLabel was created to be a drop-in replacement for UILable. TTTAttributedLabel provides a simple API to styling text with NSAttributedString while remaining performant added bonuses of supporting link embedding.

React Native 15 Apps (8% of Top 200)

React Native is an open source Javascript (ECMA) library that allows for the development of mobile apps. React Native uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI using declarative components.

Masonry 14 Apps (7% of Top 200)

Masonry is a light-weight layout framework that allows for better code readability when wrapping Autolayouts. Masonry comes with its own DSL and provides a chainable way of describing NSLayoutConstraints resulting in more readable and concise layout code.

Nimbus 14 Apps (7% of Top 200)

Nimbus is a toolkit for experienced iOSsoftware designers. Nimbus provides well-documented, modular components that solve a number of common iOSsoftware requirements. This pluggin has comes with features such as web view controllers, simpler approach to table models, standardized interapp communication and powerful debugging tools to name a few.

Pop 13 Apps (7% of Top 200)

An extensible iOSand OS X animation library.Useful for physics based interactions. Appears to be designed by Facebook employees, though no official website is listed on the GitHub handle that is apparent.

Shimmer 12 Apps (6% of Top 200)

Shimmer is a simple way to add a shimmering effect to any iOSapp. Shimmer requires iOS6 or later and it is also useful as an unobtrusive loading indicator.

Texture 10 Apps (5% of Top 200)

Texture is an iOSframework built on top of UIKit that keeps even the most complex user interfaces smooth and responsive. Texture was originally built to make Facebook's Paper possible, and goes hand-in-hand with pop's physics-based animations — but it's just as powerful with UIKit Dynamics and conventional app designs.

Better Base Classes 10 Apps (5% of Top 200)

Better Base Classes are abstract, base classes meant to be subclassed. Makes creating CocoaPods easier and makes creating and consuming a CocoaPod much easier.

IG List Kit 10 Apps (5% of Top 200)

IGListKit is a data-driven UICollectionView framework for building fast and flexible lists. IGListKit requires Xcode 9.0+, iOS8.0+, tvOS 9.0+, and MacOS 10.11+.

Eureka 9 Apps (5% of Top 200)

Eureka is the re-creation of XLForm in Swift. Eureka generally deals with forms in iOSapp development and requires Xcode 10.2+Swift 5.0+ (for latest release).

CHT Collection View Waterfall Layout 8 Apps (4% of Top 200)

CHTCollectionViewWaterfallLayout is a waterfall style (i.e. Pinterest-like) for UICollectionView. CHTCollectionViewWaterfallLayout is highly customizable layout that preforms very well.

SV Progress Hud 8 Apps (4% of Top 200)

SV Progress HUD is a clean and lightweight for your iOSand tvOS app. It is a clean and easy-to-use HUD meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOSand tvOS. SV ProgressHUD is a very popular library widely used by developers. It is elegant in its simplicity to use and its clean minimalistic design.

SM Callout View 7 Apps (4% of Top 200)

SM CalloutView is a lightweight callout view class for iOSmimicking UICalloutView. SM CalloutView aims to be an exact replica of the private UICalloutView system control.

To Crop View Controller 6 Apps (3% of Top 200)

TOCropViewController is an open-source UIViewController subclass to crop out sections of UIImage objects, as well as perform basic rotations. It was designed with the iOSPhotos app editor in mind, and should be easy to operate for iOSusers.

Pixate Freestyle 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

Style your iOS app with CSS, using 100% native code and no webviews.

Design+Code.Io 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

Originally simply labeled library to simplify iOSanimations in Swift learn to design and code Swift apps. The Library appears to be registered on the same site as course material.

SV Pull To Refresh 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

UI mechanism meant to belong to table view itself and is easily install. Developer no longer has to use scroll/touch handling. The UI lets you specify what code to execute on refresh.

SVG Kit 5 Apps (3% of Top 200)

SVGKit allows the displaying and interacting of SVG Images on iOS/ OS X, using native rendering. SVGKit is a Cocoa framework which allows for fast and powerful native rendering.