Web Portal
Interact with MightySignal data through an easy-to-use web interface

Timeline is like your Facebook newsfeed, but instead of seeing what your friends are doing, you can see real-time updates of the mobile market.

Explore is the most advanced SDK reporting system ever created. Slice data any what you want, and get your results returned instantly.

Live Scan
Scan any iOS or Android app on the spot to instantly find out which SDKs are inside.

Ad Intelligence
You'll be able to see who's actively acquiring users through mobile advertising--a leading indicator that they have budget for more advertising as well as for other services.

Popular Apps
We show you apps that are taking off or about to take off in the rankings. You can slice this data by country, app category, and more. The ability to identify new entrants, big movers, and market leaders is at your fingertips.